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Food Hygiene and Safety Guidelines

A mass of statutory laws govern food safety and hygiene rules in the United Kingdom. This guidance section lists food safety regulations and foodstuffs codes of practice. Food hygiene is not only about proper handling and storage of nutritious substances. It refers to the conditions and measures that are necessary to ensure the safety of food.

FOOD SAFETY UK: The stuff we eat is regulated by the Food Safety Act 1990. Its obligation relates to foods intended for human consumption.

There are strict codes of practice on the production and processing of our food. Those laws also extend to the distribution, packaging, and labelling of our foodstuffs.

It begins early in production stages and ends its journey at consumption.

So what are the hidden dangers associated with food safety and hygiene? In fact, it is far too easy for most food products to become contaminated.

Contamination can occur at any point from slaughter or harvest. A lack of food hygiene can cause problems in the processing stage or in storage.

The risks continue through distribution, transportation, and particularly during preparation. In the worst cases it can lead to foodborne diseases and cause death to consumers.

Food Safety Regulations

BBQ Safety Tips

Barbeque Food Safety

You cannot ignore the basic safety tips for barbecue food to avoid a dodgy belly or food poisoning. Follow these simple steps and serve up an outstanding outdoor barbecue.

Barbeque Fire Safety

The UK Fire and Rescue Services offer a range of fire safety tips for BBQ and charcoal grill fires. The guide extends the BBQ fire safety advice with a few extra tips on camping and cooking.

Note: You can check the food hygiene ratings of catering businesses online through the food standards agency website before ordering a takeaway or eating out at a restaurant.

Food Safety and Hygiene

Food Crime

Different types of food crime cost the economy more than £1 billion a year. So, how do we define it and how can you report a food crime in confidence?

Food Warnings

The rules and regulations on food and drink labelling and packaging are strict. Check how to label food packaging products and the legal requirements food businesses must follow.

Importing Food

Food-specific regulations apply to some products when importing food as a distributor into the UK. The guide also explains the general rules to import organic produce and GM foods.

Working with Food

The responsibilities of food safety apply to all food business operators. You must follow the food safety and hygiene regulations according to the law and ‘Safer Food, Better Business’.

Picnic Safety Tips

Family picnics are a fun way to eat packed meals in the garden or the open countryside. Follow the picnic food safety advice to avoid spoiling the outing.

Register a Food Business

You may need a licence and premises approval to run a food operation. The guide explains how to register a food business with the council to avoid fines and penalties.

The Food Standard Agency

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) issue a food alert if there is a problem in the market. You can sign up and stay up to date with food and allergy alerts by getting emails from the FSA.

Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations in United Kingdom