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How to Start Looking for a New Career

So, you are looking for a new job or you are ready to start a new career with an exciting and challenging role in the United Kingdom?

If so, this job help guide is the ideal place to learn about different sectors and companies that are recruiting and ready to interview you.

Types of Jobs Available from UK Recruiters

Anyone looking for work will find the process of finding a new job easier and faster by following these basic steps:

  • Research where to look for jobs and specialist careers.
  • Check the top job sites, including the ‘Find a job‘ service.
  • Try to use connections to boost your hunt for a job.
  • Learn what recruiters need – and then ace the interview.
  • Seek advice about getting promoted or a career change.
Important: The coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has caused disruptions for job hunters and many recruitment agencies. Even so, this section highlights the jobs and specialist careers that are available right now.

It’s fair to say that some industries and professions rank higher in popularity for chosen careers than others. Yet, having the transferable skills employers look for, along with some past experience, may make them a perfect fit for you.

Staying Safe: How to Avoid Scammers

Looking for work can be a little unnerving – especially for vulnerable applicants. Even so, you can avoid the most common Internet scams and situations that scammers target, by:

Note: Check out our Job Search help guide for information about the government ‘Find a job’ service (including advice about apprenticeships and traineeships).

Jobs and Careers: How to Get Started?

No matter what type of job or career you are looking for, this section will get you on the right path. You will find Curriculum Vitae (CV) tips, hints about job ideas, and how to send your application.

So, before you apply for a job, it is important to determine which sector interests you the most. Hence, reading through our recruitment pages is the simplest way to start searching online.

Job Search Advice for Careers

The West Midlands

The information in this guide explains how to find a job in the West Midlands area – recognised as being the fifth largest region in England.

Agricultural Work

Are you looking to start a new career in agriculture? If so, this section has all the information you need to get a job in farming or one of the associated industries.

Adult Social Care

The information in this help guide explains how to get started in adult social care and other sectors of the healthcare industry in the United Kingdom.

Armed Forces

This section contains information about starting a career in the military and how to join the Armed Forces in the United Kingdom.

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Note: This short video [1:09 seconds] presented by the DWP explains more about the Kickstart Scheme (e.g. special funding for employers who are looking to create jobs for young people).

Search for New Job Opportunities in the United Kingdom