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Working and Jobs

Working and Jobs Guidelines

Use this section to learn about the rights of workers on holiday regulations and pay. There is extra information for job hunters in the United Kingdom.

WORKING & JOBS: This section also has vital information for anyone involved in the reserve forces and armed forces.

Anyone searching for employment will find the job seekers section full of guidance and advice.

Find out all the details on the JSA scheme and several apprenticeship options. Those who are already in work will also find help in this section.

There is plenty of information about your time off from work. That means holidays, maternity and paternity leave, and sick leave.

UK Rules Guide to Work and Jobs

A to Z Rights to Benefits GuideA to Z Employment Guide

EMPLOYMENT LAW: The list of employment rules and regulations is a human resource guide. Find information for employers and employees with extra details on benefits, pensions, and taxation.

Armed ForcesArmed Forces

ARMED FORCES BENEFITS: There is a list of benefits and concessions for those who serve, or have served, in the Armed Forces. Check the financial help available for Armed Forces veterans and their families.

Finding a JobFinding a Job

JOB SEARCH: Looking for work begins with a job search at Jobcentre Plus. The government-funded employment agency has branches in almost every major city helping people of working age find a job.

Holidays, Time Off, Sick Leave, Maternity and Paternity LeaveHolidays, Sick Leave, and Time Off

TIME OFF WORK: Check out the rules for taking time off work and different consequences. As a rule, employees do get paid for time taken away from work.

Your Pay, Tax and the National Minimum WagePAYE: Your Pay, Tax, and Wage

PAYE: What is PAYE tax in the United Kingdom? The Pay As You Earn system is a method of paying your National Insurance contributions and Income Tax.

Redundancy GuideRedundancy

REDUNDANCIES: Being made redundant means your employer is dismissing you from your job. As a rule, staff redundancies occur when there is a need to reduce the company workforce.

Working and Jobs Guidelines Overview for the United Kingdom