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Fixed Term Employee

Fixed Term Employees Rights

A fixed-term employment contract is a term which refers to a contractual relationship between an employer and their employee and lasting for a specific period of time.

Employees have a fixed-term contract if their employment contract ends on a definite date with their organisation, or when a specific task or project has already been completed.

Entitlements in Fixed-term Employment

In the UK, fixed-term employees receive the same rights and regulations as permanent employees with comparable jobs and skills experience and with the same employer.

Fixed term employment entitlements and employee's regulations are treated no less favourably, unless they are objectively justified.

Fixed-term contracts do not usually have a duration limit. However, a contract of four years or more will mostly be treated afterwards as permanent.

Fixed-term employees include;

Fixed term employment contracts usually end when;

Workers are not considered as fixed-term employees if;

Fixed Term Employees Rights Regulations; UK Rules Updated 2017