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Energy Grants to Improve Heating Efficiency

It is not easy knowing where to find energy grants and other ways to improve energy efficiency. But, you can get financial help for new boilers, heating costs, and home insulation.

FIND ENERGY GRANTS: This section explains how to calculate whether you meet the eligibility criteria to get energy grants.

Check to see if you qualify for financial help with your energy bills. The government offer a range of heating grants to help make your home more energy efficient.

You need to know some basic information before you use the energy grant calculator.

Having these details prepared will help to determine what energy saving improvements you need:

  • What kind of heating and energy-saving measures you already have (e.g. double glazing or cavity wall insulation).
  • A general idea of the year that your home got built (i.e. how old is the property).

What are Heating Grants?

As a rule, a government grant will either be money or a voucher. In most cases, it contributes towards the cost of buying something (e.g. a new boiler).

The grant does not always cover the full cost of the item. That means you will need to find a way of paying the rest yourself. Even so, most heating grants are completely free – so you will not need to repay it.

In most cases, energy grants tend to get allocated for specific utility suppliers. That means it may not always be the cheapest method of buying the product or equipment. The aim is to encourage consumers to do something or buy something that they would be unlikely to consider.

Using the Energy Grants Calculator

This is how you can find energy grants online and other ways to improve your energy efficiency. When you use the energy grants calculator you will get asked to choose from getting:

  • Help with your fuel bill.
  • Help to make your home more energy efficient.
  • Help with a new boiler, insulation, or other improvements.
  • All the above (you can select all of them).

How to Find Energy Grants and other Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in the United Kingdom