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Renewing Your Driving Licence

How to Renew Your Driving Licence

There is an easy way to renew a 10-year full driving licence online with the DVLA. This section explains the cost, different payment methods, and what documents you need.

RENEW ONLINE: You will need a valid UK passport to renew a driving licence online with the DVLA.

Apply online using your Government Gateway ID to log into your account. You will get an ID during the application process if you need to register (or re-register).

Driver licences expire when you reach 70. Thus, you will also need to renew a driving licence at age 70 or older.

Note: There is also a Welsh language version (Cymraeg) explaining how to renew an expired driving licence.

Extra Information

You have to renew a photocard licence every 10 years. As a rule, DVLA will send a reminder before the current licence ends. You can complete the driving licence application online using the digital DVLA system.

Note: You cannot apply online if you changed your name or your title. You will also be unable to renew or change a lorry or bus licence online if you have a 5-year bus or lorry licence.

Using the Driver Licensing Online Service

The list of documents needed to renew an expired driving licence online includes:

How Long it Takes to Renew a Driving Licence

In most cases, it takes less than seven (7) days to get a renewed driving licence after applying online.

Note: Once you get a new driving licence you must return your old photocard licence to the DVLA. The online application shows you the address to use at the end of the process.

New driver licences become valid from the date that each application gets approved. DVLA do not use the expiry date of any current licence.

You will get a confirmation email from DVLA once you have applied. They may ask you to take part in research by email. You can opt out of the survey if you choose.

Apply for a Driving Licence at a Post Office

Take the licence reminder letter to one of the large Post Office branches. They are more likely to deal with DVLA photocard licence renewal. You will also need to take:

What if you do not get a reminder letter? In this case, you must have your photocard licence for applying at a Post Office.

Note: You will be unable to apply at a Post Office if your name has changed. In this case, you must apply to renew your driving licence using postal methods.

Apply for a Driving Licence by Postal Methods

You will need a 'D1 pack' of forms to apply by post. These are available from the DVLA or a Post Office that deals with DVLA photocard renewal or vehicle tax. Once you have completed the D1 pack of forms you will also need:

Send all the documents and the application to:

SA99 1DH

Note: DVLA try to send a renewed driving licence within three (3) weeks. But, it can take longer if they need to check any medical details or personal information. You may continue to drive while waiting for the new licence to arrive by post.

Renewing a Driving Licence in the United kingdom