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UK Road Signs Test: Highway Code PDF

Get a FREE download of traffic signals used on British roads and motorway systems. New drivers and riders must learn Highway Code traffic signs to pass the driving theory road signs test section.

TRAFFIC SIGNAGE: UK Highway Code traffic signs convey information or an instruction.

As a rule, a triangular road sign gets used to warn drivers to use extra caution ahead. Check these driving test theory FAQs motorists also ask about…

When is it Unacceptable to Reverse?

Reversing for a longer period of time or distance than necessary endangers other motorists and can create dangerous situations for pedestrians.

What Should You Do First if Your Vehicle Breaks Down Inside a Tunnel?

The UK Highway Code general advice says you should turn on hazard lights and try to pull over into a nearside lay-by or emergency lane. Turn off the engine and exit your vehicle wearing a reflective jacket if you have one.

Notify the rescue services using an emergency telephone. Remember some mobile phones may not work inside a tunnel.

What Should the Left-hand Lane of a Motorway be Used For?

As a rule you should always use the left-hand carriageway for normal driving. But, motorway driving rules mean that left-hand lanes are also designated for slow-moving or speed-restricted vehicles.

How Should You Respond if a Large Goods Vehicle in Front Signals Right but Moves Left?

Driving behind heavy goods vehicles requires extra care for road users. So you should slow down then stay behind and let the goods vehicle make the turn.

What Can Reduce the Risk of Neck Injury if You Have a Collision?

A properly adjusted head restraint may reduce the need for roadside emergency first aid following a minor road collision.

How Should You Park a Vehicle in a 40 MPH Zone with Traffic Flowing in Both Directions at Night Time?

According to the Highway Code parking laws you should park on the left side of the road with parking lights on. Some form of parking lighting is necessary in most cases.

That is according to the road vehicle parking regulations to ensure that pedestrians and other motorists can see your vehicle.

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