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Roadside Parking Rules UK

The police and local authorities enforce the UK Highway Code parking regulations. You must park your vehicle in the correct manner to avoid getting a ticket and a fine.

PARKING A VEHICLE AT THE ROADSIDE: We refer to the current UK Highway Code roadside parking law.

It stipulates that unless it is ‘absolutely’ necessary, you should try to avoid making a stop on the highway as a chosen place to park your vehicle.

Instead, motorists should use ‘specially’ marked bays identified by white lines. Thus, you should use off-street parking areas wherever possible.

Follow these guidelines if you need to stop a car on the roadside during the day time. But, there are further restrictions for parking a vehicle at night time.

Roadside Parking Law and Stop Rules

  • Do not park a car facing against the flow of traffic.
  • Stop as close as you reasonably can to the verge or road side.
  • Avoid stopping too close to a vehicle displaying a Blue Badge.
  • You must turn off the engine, headlights, and fog lights.
  • Before leaving the vehicle you must apply the handbrake.
  • Check for cyclists using the road and other traffic before opening your door.
  • Encourage all passengers to exit the vehicle on the kerb side.
  • Secure and lock the vehicle removing all valuables from sight.


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