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Parking at Night Rules Highway Code

The UK Highway Code parking at night rules 248 to 252 govern motorized vehicle parking. This guide explains the regulations and restrictions to park a vehicle at night or in foggy conditions.

PARKING RULES AT NIGHT UK: The regulations relate to motorists who park at night, in darkness, or in fog.

RULE 248: You MUST NOT park a motorised vehicle on a road at night time facing against the normal traffic flow direction.

An exception may apply if you have parked a vehicle at night time in a recognized parking space where you are permitted to do so.

Night Parking Lights Highway Code

Rule 249: All motor vehicles MUST have parking lights displayed when left in a lay-by or on a road during the night if the national speed limit for the roadway is greater than 30 mph (48 km/h).

Rule 249: Goods vehicles which do not exceed 1525 kg unladen weight, cars, motorcycles, invalid carriages, and pedal cycles are permitted to park at night without lights in a lay-by or on a road where the speed limit is 30 mph (48 km/h) or less providing:

  • They park in a recognized parking place for night time or in a lay-by (and follow layby parking rules).
  • They park during the darkness:
    • Facing the same direction as the traffic flow.
    • Close to the curbside.
    • At least 10 meters (32 feet) away from any road or street junction.

Note: All other motorized vehicles, including those with trailers or projecting loads, MUST NOT get left without proper parking lights on a road at night.

Parking in Fog Highway Code

Rule 251: Parking a vehicle on a street or roadway in foggy weather is especially dangerous. If you have to park on the road in fog you should leave your sidelights or parking lights turned on.

Note: What should you do if you need to park on the road when it is foggy? You should avoid parking in fog at all times unless abandoning the car is unavoidable.

Parking on Hills Rules

Rule 252: It is not illegal to park on a hill. The Highway Code law covers driver procedures for parking on a hill.

If you need to leave a vehicle parked on a hill you should always:

  • Apply the handbrake firmly after stopping close to the kerb.
  • Use the ‘park‘ function for cars with an automatic gearbox.
  • Parking Downhill Rules: Turn your steering wheel towards the curb leaving the car in reverse gear.
  • Parking Uphill Rules: Turn your steering wheel away from the curb leaving the car in forward gear.


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Highway Code Parking at Night Rules in the United Kingdom