SNAP Rules! Children's Card Game

The standard gameplay of Snap closely relates to Egyptian Ratscrew rules. They are both fast and furious card games for kids and toddlers to enjoy.

HOW TO PLAY SNAP: Children’s card games do not get much easier to play than a game of Snap – sometimes called Slap!

Snap is a classic and one of the most popular children’s card games because it is not based on luck alone.

Children will need a keen eyesight and sharp mental reactions to play Snap card game. That’s why the rules of Snap card game gets taught to children from a young age.

Most parents with small children use special packs of cards when playing Snap for toddlers.

Card decks featuring popular children’s characters help kids learn faster. Some mothers even buy playing cards with pictures depicting recent films or television programs.

Complex card packs also exist for older children to play with. It often makes popular and traditional games more interesting when differences occur between cards. It brings in a strict rule and penalties for falsely calling out Snap!

Snap Card Pack

You can choose to play with any of the different themed Snap card packs or the standard deck of 52 cards pack. If you play Snap with themed cards you should check most of the cards have identical backs to the others in the pack.

There is no need to use need a full deck of cards if you play Snap card game for toddlers. Your kids are unlikely to notice if there is one or two missing from the deck.

Remember they are usually made of paper. Most Snap card games for kids take a beating fairly quickly. So playing with a used card deck is wise.

Aim of Snap Card Game

There is one simple aim in the Snap card game instructions. The goal of each player is to win or accumulate all the playing cards.

Snap rules recommended adding an extra deck if you have many players competing in the game.

SNAP Rules! Children's Card Game

Snap Card Players

According to the rules of Snap card game there is no legal upper limit to the number of players. But, you need at least two players to play Snap rules with a single deck of cards.

Note to Parents: Family friendly card games can get rowdy and noisy if you play Snap with more than four players.

Dealing the Game of Snap Cards

How do you deal cards in Snap game? The whole pack gets dealt out to all the players in face-down stacks. Ideally, each stack should have the same number of cards where possible.

As a rule the dealer starts dealing out the cards to the player on their left side. That means each player has a pile of cards in front of them facing down.

Snap Card Game Rules and Regulations

  • Play begins when players start taking cards from the top of their stack. They take turns removing the top card each time and one by one beginning with the player to the left of the dealer.
  • Each player should place it face up on a pile in the center of the group.
  • A variation in Snap rules says to place it face up starting a new pile next to his own cards.
  • Play continues around the table with the next player on the left doing the same in turn and so on.

Shout Snap and Win the Cards

What happens if 2 matching card numbers (or themed pictures) get placed consecutively on the pile?

  • The first player who shouts ‘Snap!’ and places their hand on top of the card pile takes all the cards from that stack.
  • They then place them at the bottom and underneath their face-down pack.

What should you do if two players shout ‘Snap!’ both at the same time?

  • In this case the two piles get combined together and placed face up in the center of the table.
  • These cards create a ‘Snap Pot.’
  • Play continues with the player to the left of the player who previously turned over a card.
  • Players should shout ‘Snap Pot’ if they see a card matching the one on top of the Snap Pot.
  • They win all those cards if this occurs.
  • In this Snap game variation a player can run out of cards in their face-down pile. In this case they should turn down their face up pile continue playing.

How to Win in Snap Cards Game!

The winner in Snap is the player who accumulates all the playing cards by winning them from the other players.


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SNAP Card Game Rules: Family Friendly Card Games for Kids and Toddlers