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Pregnancy and Birth Entitlement

This section lists financial support and benefits available for pregnant mothers. Check what pregnancy and birth entitlements families can claim during a pregnancy. Learn how to register the birth of a child in the United Kingdom or abroad. Get full explanations about pregnant employees' rights when they take leave from work.

Benefits For Pregnant Mothers

This is an overview of a pregnant mothers and baby guide. It has information on benefits income for expectant parents and those with children.

After giving birth, there is a full range of help from the UK Government and your employer. This guide shows you how and where to get it.

You may need to balance your working commitments and taking time off when you are having a baby. This is where you can check out the Maternity Allowance, Maternity Pay and Leave, and Shared Parental Leave.

Those who are claiming benefits may also qualify for extra financial support as well. Check out the Sure Start Maternity Grant and Healthy Start food vouchers.

Mother and Baby Guide A to Z

Healthy Start

The UK Department of Health statutory scheme provides a nutritional safety net. The Healthy Start free vouchers are for pregnant women and young children in some low-income families.

Parental Responsibility

Several duties apply for anyone with parental rights and responsibilities of a child. Besides the mother, other adults can also apply to look after children.

Paternity Pay

Paid Paternity Leave is an entitlement for parents, adopters, or surrogates. Taking Paternity Pay and Leave gives you an option to have a brief spell off work to take care of a new arrival.

Pregnant Employees’ Rights

UK statutory laws protect those who are working when expecting a baby. Thus, pregnant employees’ rights include protection against unfair treatment and discrimination.

Maternity Pay and Leave

Employee Rights

The section explains employee rights while on maternity leave from work. Find out your employment rights when you take time off and then return to your job.

Maternity Allowance

The exact Maternity Allowance amount you get depends on your eligibility. You may get this benefit if you do not already qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay.

Maternity Pay & Leave

Statutory Maternity Pay and Leave is for those who take time off work to have a baby. As a rule, you are eligible to claim your maternity rights as well as a range of benefits.

Maternity Planner

Find out how to calculate your leave and pay after you have a child. The online guide helps parents check whether they can get maternity leave.

Registering Births

Registering a Birth

Find out when and how to register a birth in the United Kingdom. In fact, there are different procedures for registering the birth of a baby – it depends where the infant was born.

Register a Stillbirth

An informative section on registering a stillborn baby. Find out where and how to register a stillbirth and get financial support afterwards.

Register a Birth Abroad

Parents must register a birth abroad in the country where the child was born. You should then get a birth certificate which may need translating and certifying for a passport application and school registration.

You may then be able to register the birth of your baby with the UK authorities. But, to do so the child must have been born on or after the 1st of January 1983. Having recorded the birth you can then order a consular birth registration certificate.

Shared Parental Leave

Shared Parental Leave gives mothers an option to end their maternity leave and pay early. That choice offers parents greater flexibility for time off during their baby’s first year.

Sure Start Maternity Grant

Do you qualify for the one-off payment Sure Start Maternity Grant 2016? The tax-free boost of £500 is for those who need most help with the costs of a new baby.

Unpaid Parental Leave

The help guide is for employers and employees about Unpaid Parental Leave entitlement. There is further information about employee parental leave eligibility and maternity leave notice periods.

Pregnancy and Birth Entitlements and Support Benefits in United Kingdom