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Object to Striking Off a Limited Company

A limited company may have valid reasons for applying to be removed from the Companies Register. But, there is a way of objecting to a company being struck off and stop the application.

There are several conditions for making an objection to a limited company application to get struck off the Companies Register.

First of all, you must either be a shareholder or someone with a genuine interest (e.g. a creditor).

You must also have a valid reason for stopping the application, such as:

  • You did not get told about the company’s decision to apply.
  • You believe there are false declarations on the application.
  • You plan on taking legal action against the limited company.
  • The company directors broke the law (e.g. committed tax fraud).

Note: The Gazette insolvency notices show whether a company has applied to get struck off. As a director, you must withdraw your own application if your company loses its eligibility for striking off.

Evidence Required to Support an Objection

If you want to raise an objection you must contact Companies House. They would need to see some evidence to support the objection. Typical examples might be invoices showing that the company is still trading or that it owes a debt.

The quickest way to object to a limited company being struck off is by email. As a rule, you would get a reply and a decision within five (5) working days.

Companies House
Email: [email protected]

Companies House will also accept objections by post to stop a company being struck off. Send your letter to:

Dissolution Section
Registrar of Companies for England and Wales
Companies House
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ

Note: In some cases, you may need more time to allow objection documents to reach Companies House. You can get the striking off process delayed for two (2) weeks if you call them.

Companies House
Telephone: 0303 1234 500
Textphone: 029 2022 6788
Welsh language: 029 2038 0065
Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 6pm
Find out about call charges.

Extra Time to Object (if you have a disability)

Having a disability may make it difficult to send an email or post your objection. If so, contact Companies House to get an extended period up to one (1) month.

The extra time would mean you could arrange for someone to help you email or post your supporting evidence. Companies House would not strike off the limited company during this period.

If the Objection is Successful

You would get confirmation from Companies House if the objection is successful. As a rule, they would then set a time limit during which the company cannot get struck off (often 3 to 6 months).

It would be necessary to contact Companies House again, before the deadline finishes, if (either):

  • You need an extra amount of time (e.g. to complete legal action against the company).
  • You resolve the issue with the company and you no longer object to it getting struck off.

You must contact Companies House before the objection expires. If not, and a company still meets the conditions, they will strike off a limited company from the Companies Register.

Objecting to a Limited Company Being Struck Off in United Kingdom