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Filing Documents

File Documents for a Pending Patent

There are several reasons why you may need to file documents for a pending UK patent application. For example, you may need to supply new information or add an extra development to an invention.

The Intellectual Property Office service allows you to complete a form online or send additional documents. But, it only applies to existing patent applications (e.g. a patent pending).

Once you have a UK patent application number you will be able to perform several functions online, such as:

Note: You need an email address to use the Intellectual Property Office service. You can use a credit or a debit card to pay the fees. Opening an IPO deposit account helps you meet any last-minute payment deadlines.

Documentation You Can Upload

You would need to include a covering letter in PDF format with along with any documents you send to the IPO.

The different types of documents you can upload to support an existing patent application include:

Note: You can save sequence listings as .txt files, but all other documents must be in Portable Document Format (PDF). The IPO service for filing subsequent documents is unavailable from 1am to 3am daily (UK time).

Sending Documents by Post or Fax

Being able to send printed forms and any supporting documents by post or by fax is useful if you did not already send them with the original application.

Application Forms

Depending on your needs, there are several different forms you would need to download and fill in, including:

Note: The IPO issue a standard fee sheet for use with UK designs, patents, and trade marks. You must include a fee sheet with any payments. The sheets contain further information on how to pay.

Supporting Documents

The types of supporting documents that you can file to the IPO with pending patents, include:

Note: If you send any supporting documents you will need to include a covering letter that contains your patent application number.

Sending Documents by Post

You can send forms and documents by postal methods to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

How to File Documents for an Existing Patent Application in United KingdomIntellectual Property Office
Concept House
Cardiff Road
South Wales
NP10 8QQ

Sending Documents by Fax

You can also fax copies of the forms and documents.

Intellectual Property Office
Fax: 01633 817 777
Information on call charges.

File Documents for an Existing Patent Application in United Kingdom