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Soil Protection Review

Soil Protection Review 2018 (SPR)

This page has information and guidance on the Soil Protection Review. You can now use an online tool to complete the annual farm soil management and protection review.

SPR UK: The annual Soil Protection Review is part of a cross compliance system in England.

There are several benefits in completing the Soil Protection Review online. The software makes it faster to report and it is easier to send - all other things being equal.

Note: SPR online reduces the likelihood of your farming business getting an inspection.

You will need to create a Government Gateway to use the tool unless you already have one.

The Farming Advice Service is the advisory office for SPR. Contact them if you have queries or questions about the Soil Protection Review 2018.

Farming Advice Service
0345 345 1302
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Check call charges to 0345 numbers.

Start your SPR review now by logging in to Defra farm surveys and assessment services online.

Soil Protection Review: Copy kept on the Farm

What if you are unable to complete the Soil Protection Review online? In this case you should keep a copy at your farmhouse instead. You can either:

Agents for Farmers

You should sign up as an agent if you intend using the Soil Protection Review for more than one farmer.

Soil Protection Cross Compliance

Note: The standards for soil protection are part of a cross compliance system. Getting a farming subsidy under the Single Payment Scheme is reliant on meeting these standards.

Soil Protection Review in the United KingdomSingle Payment Scheme Online is now Closed

The single farm payment online scheme is now closed. You should use the Rural Payments service instead.

The Rural Payments Agency can provide you with copies of the information you used to see online.

Rural Payments Agency
PO Box 69
Reading RG1 3YD
Telephone: 0345 603 7777

Note: The information may not be available until after the 15th of May.

Outside England

Note: Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all have their own single payment schemes. You can also use the Rural Payments Online service to manage your Single Payment Scheme online in Scotland.

Annual Farm Soil Management and Protection Review in the United Kingdom