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After You Register as a Childminder or Nanny

Ofsted set out key obligations and responsibilities for childminders who have registered to work. Besides keeping your details up to date, there is a specific form to use for reporting accidents and incidents.

REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: There are several important rules to follow once you have registered with Ofsted to look after children.

As a registered childcare provider, you will need to follow any relevant legislation that relates to caring for children.

It includes laws on disability discrimination, food hygiene, and health and safety (e.g. fire and planning requirements). Responsibilities also include:

  • Keeping your registration details up to date.
  • Paying the annual registration fee.
  • Reporting any major accidents or incidents.

Note: After registration, you must continue to meet the registration standards while working as a childminder or a nanny. Being inspected as a childminder or childcare provider is commonplace (includes some nannies).

Keeping Your Details Current

You will need to notify Ofsted about any changes that affect your role as a childcare provider. The Ofsted Online facility is an easy way to report a change in the place you are working or your contact details.

If You Registered as a Childminder

You must also inform Ofsted about certain other changes. Use EY3 Childminders form if anyone 16 or older moves into your home or you change your childminding assistants.

Notification of Early Years Provision Incident

All childminders have an obligation to report any major accidents or incidents. The online early years notification form is for reporting serious incidents, such as:

  • A major accident, injury, or illness to a child (e.g. food poisoning).
  • Allegations that another person who is living, working, or looking after children in your household has committed serious abuse or harm.
  • Anything that affects the suitability of someone on the premises for looking after children.
  • The death of a child.

Working in other Types of Childcare

Registered childminders can apply to provide child care on non-domestic premises (e.g. an after-school club or a playgroup). As a childminder you would be able to work there for a period up to half of your time.

You would need to register with Ofsted to provide childcare on any domestic premises if you plan on working with three (3) or more childminders (or childminding assistants) in your home.

Note: There is a specific application form to provide childcare on non-domestic premises for up to 50% of the time.

How to Resign Your Registration

You must inform Ofsted if you stop working as a childminder or a nanny. Even so, you would be able to apply again at a later date.

Contact the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) to resign your childminder registration.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0300 123 1231
Check the Cost of Making the Call


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After Registering as a Childminder or a Nanny