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Sleepwalkers Banned from Joining Royal Navy

New armed forces rules affects sailors suffering from 'sleep terrors'. It means they will get dismissed and banned from signing up.

NAVY DISMISSES SLEEPWALKERS: The revelation came to light after five navy sailors got discharged for sleepwalking (somnambulism).

Armed Forces Medical Rules

It all came to light following a Freedom of Information request. The FoI request showed the latest medical rulings for joing the Armed Forces.

Anyone who has the disorder – often referred to as ‘sleep terror‘ – gets barred from joining the service.

These medical rules are currently getting updated to make this entry bar to joining the Royal Navy official. The Ministry of Defence navy command secretariat also confirmed the findings.

Note: The regulations disqualify those who suffer from noctambulation, nightwalking, and similar sleep terrors.

UK Armed Forces Block Sleep Apnea Sufferers

United Kingdom armed forces medical rules already block sufferers of sleep apnea. This is a condition that causes people to stop breathing during sleep.

The UK MoD also commented: “Sleepwalking is a bar to entry to the Royal Navy. This is not presently enshrined in MoD policy.

But, the Royal Navy views sleepwalking beyond the age of 13 as a permanent medical disqualification. Policy updates to that effect are currently getting clearance for publication.”

Medically Limited Deployability (MLD)

No specific details came out on how the five sailors got dismissed for sleepwalking. But, the Ministry of Defence added further information.

They said the permanent disqualifying nature of sleep terrors will get reflected in the pending policy update.

The Freedom of Information (FOI) reports revealed further results.

Since 2011, twelve service personnel got rated as having a ‘sleep-related disorder‘. In this case, it provides them with ‘Medically Limited Deployability‘ (MLD).

The Royal Navy website has further information. It has details for anyone marked as having a Medically Limited Deployability. The condition requires a risk assessment to get carried out for each specific deployment.


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Sleepwalking Sailors Banned from Joining Royal Navy