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MotoGP Slick New Rules For 2014

New rules for MotoGP 2014 are already in place for the new season. They are bridging the gap between the top racing teams.

ECU RULES: 2014 sees the abolition of the MotoGP ‘Claiming Rules’.

The aim is to bridge the gap between the competing factory teams.

In turn, that should produce closer race finishes between Yamaha, Ducati, and Honda.

Established since 1988, Dorna Sports S.L. is the commercial rights holder for the motorcycling sport of MotoGP.

They expect the new rules introduced should provide a more level playing field – like Moto2 or Moto3.

Recent rule changes included the introduction of a single tyre in 2009. Future plans predict a single electronics package from 2016 onward.

There is a requirement for all teams to race using the same engine control unit (ECU) hardware from this year. Even so, team factories can choose between using their own ‘Factory’ software or an ‘Open’ spec version.

Further restrictions result in only 20 liters of fuel per race for those using their own ECU software. Whereas, teams using the ‘Open’ category software can use 24 liters of fuel.


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MotoGP 2014 New Engine Control Unit and Fuel Rules