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7 Health Benefits of Playing Bowls

The British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA) recently announced some of the health benefits associated with playing bowls.

They say crown green bowls (often called lawn bowls) is good for you - and especially for older people. So, why do health professionals recommend playing bowls?

First of all, bowls is a low-impact exercise played at a relatively slow pace.

The primary goal of this precision sport is to roll ‘asymmetrical’ balls towards a smaller white ball (called the ‘jack’).

Hence, most participants play bowls for the challenge and the competition that it provides.

In return, they get personal enjoyment along with social interaction – not to mention some quality time spent outdoors.

As a result, the British Crown Green Bowling Association is encouraging more people to take up the sport. They say that doing so can provide a raft of health benefits.

The United Kingdom is not short of bowls leagues operating during the warm summer months. So, the structured competitions provide bowlers of all age groups with a way of staying active.

Bowling Clubs in the United Kingdom

Recent reports suggest there are some 2,500 bowling clubs in England and Wales. Furthermore, around 30,000 of the 102,000 registered bowlers play the game on a social basis.

There are well over 2,000 registered players in Cumbria (around 1,600 male players and close to 700 females).

The BCGBA is targeting specific groups of people to join in and get all the health benefits of playing bowls. They want people who are too old for contact sports (or those lacking fitness) to participate and start bowling.

Note: The sports section contains further information on crown green bowls rules and the regulations for bowling equipment and scoring.

Reasons Why Health Professionals Recommend Playing Bowls

The list contains seven health benefits of playing crown green bowls (particularly for seniors). So for example, bowling can help to:

  1. Improve your fitness level: Playing crown green bowls can help to improve muscle strength (e.g. in your arms, shoulders, and leg muscles). It can also improve your flexibility and endurance.
  2. Enhance your mental health and wellbeing: In most cases, you will play the game in the fresh air. Doing so can also help to alleviate depression and anxiety disorders.
  3. Improve and increase your coordination and skill development: Bowling involves an element of problem solving skills. Thus, it can help to improve the way you co-ordinate and concentrate.
  4. Improve your confidence (especially around others): Participating in any sport often helps to improve your self-esteem. Furthermore, playing outdoor bowls is a great way to get out and about – meeting people!
  5. Increase your discipline and self-esteem: You need to show up on time and be organised when playing crown green bowls. As a rule, you will need to wear an appropriate uniform for bowling in competitive or elite matches.
  6. Boost your social interaction (e.g. being connected to the community): Playing bowls can help you feel a sense of belonging.
  7. Increase your chances of losing excess weight: In general, you will burn off at least 200 Calories for every game of crown green bowls that you play.

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Note: Health experts all agree that any form of exercise (physical or mental) is good for your health. It does not need to be a fast, contact sport. Thus, participating in crown green bowls (or any team sport) can help to improve your general health and well-being – and your social life!

Reasons Why BCGBA Say Bowling is Good for You