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Synthetic Alcohol Key to Mental Health

UK-wide public health sufferers could benefit by using synthetic alcohol products. That's the claim made in a report by a leading London think tank.

HANGOVER-FREE ALCOHOL: The Adam Smith Institute is independent, non-profit, and non-partisan. They said the ‘hangover-free’ produce could be the key to mental health improvements.

Despite their claims of having ‘seismic benefits’ for those with public health issues. Government regulations are blocking the path for further development of ‘hangover-free’ alcohol usage.

The study is currently named ‘Alcosynth’. Its research shows drinking synthetic booze produces the usual sensation of tipsiness. But, the drinker does not suffer a loss of control as with most alcoholic drinks.

The report is appropriately named Sinnovation: How markets can solve public health problems. Their innovation suggests the lack of toxins make it up to 100 times safer than drinking the real McCoy.

But, there are claims that gauche UK government regulations are delaying further research. The intervention is holding back the development of safer alternatives to smoking and drinking.

Even though risk reduction products might save thousands more lives each year. Public health officials seem steadfast in their abstinence to the campaign.

Alcohol campaigners are aiming for different approach. They want price increases and a reduction in the availability of regular booze. They say restricting the marketing of alcohol is more effective at reducing the detrimental impact of the drug.

Alcohol Harm in Scotland

Glasgow based Alcohol Focus Scotland, campaigns to reduce the impact of alcohol on health and society. They responded by saying;

“Scotland continues to experience the highest rates of alcohol harm in the UK, with 22 Scots dying every week in 2015 due to alcohol.

Steps are in progress to begin to turn the tide on this shocking picture. Yes, we agree that more work must continue to change the pro-alcohol culture in our country.

The idea that a synthetic alcohol product could provide the same mental health benefits is far from proven. Given the scale of the problem we face, our efforts are much better spent on measures which we know to work.”

Will Synthetic Alcohol Replace Booze Products?

Hangover-free produce is a derivative of benzodiazepine. Its creator David Nutt, is a neuropsychopharmacology professor at Imperial University in London. He says any synthetic alcohol which reduces the risk of a hangover is likely to replace fermented and distilled alcohol by the year 2050.

Post Brexit: Calls to Scrap EU Directives

The Adam Smith Institute report also commented on the regulation of e-cigarettes. They said similar hampering of governance aimed to stop e-cigarette production and advertising. The rules restrict companies from marketing their health and safety benefits. Especially when compared to traditional tobacco-based smoking.

It called for the UK government to scrap the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive when Britain leaves the EU.

In fact a Scottish Government spokesman went on to say. “Any products intended for human consumption must comply with the relevant EU and domestic legislation. The Scottish Government has taken robust action in tackling alcohol misuse since 2008.

These actions include the quantity discount ban and improved substance misuse education. Not to mention the drink driving laws and new lower limit.”

Have you tried ‘hangover-free’ alcoholic drinks? Let us know your thoughts and comments at The UK Rules.


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Hangover-free Alcohol May be Key to Safer Improved Mental Health in the United Kingdom