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Pig Meat Inspection Rules Grilled and Scrutinised

Pig meat inspectors will adhere to new rules and regulations beginning in June 2014. But, the new regulations got grilled and scrutinised by the FSA.

FSA CONSULTATION: The Food Standards Agency in the United Kingdom begins a consultation period.

It comes in anticipation of the imminent rule changes for pig meat inspection.

Reducing Spread of Bacteria in Meat

The new European Union directives aim to help official meat inspectors and vegetarians track public health risks.

The focus will target visual inspections and better health checks for all pigs. It should reduce the spread of bacteria in meat products.

Scientific tests got carried out on current methods of handling pig carcasses and cutting up offal. The results showed increased risks of spreading harmful bacteria during the inspections.

The hands-on inspection system will continue. But, only where specific concerns got identified at the farm, slaughterhouse, or abattoir.

Testing and Controlling Salmonella

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The new stricter rules also target the testing and control of salmonella. It should identify common parasites found in pigs such as Trichinella quicker.

A spokesperson for the FSA commented:

“The current system is well outdated and needed to modernising. It needs to tackle the public health matters and concerns by consumers of pork products.”


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Pig Meat Inspection gets Stricter Rules and Regulations in the United Kingdom