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EU Green Rules Threaten Energy Outputs

The impending European 2016 deadlines to reduce carbon emissions spell disaster for many of the power plants in the United Kingdom.

EU TARGETS: The number of closed energy plants is increasing again.

The closures threaten available electricity as well as power shortages across the country.

Future predictions suggest that old coal-fired generator closures may accelerate.

In fact, the rate could be even more than the current record breaking pace. Time will tell when the new carbon laws come into effect.

Centrica Plc. is reported to be one of the UK’s biggest energy suppliers.
Their forecast is less than optimistic about the generating capacity for the near future. Centrica is especially concerned about power supplies during peak demand times.

UK Power from Renewable Sources

The United Kingdom gets around 12 percent of its power from renewable sources. They include energy sources such as wind power and solar energy.

We see a complete contrast in many of the European counterparts. Recent government policies in Germany show they are encouraging renewable energy. In fact, Germany now provides double that of the United Kingdom – around 24%.


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European Carbon Emission Deadlines Threaten Energy Outputs in the UK