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There are several ways of interacting with our research team and editorial departments.

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About The UK Rules Team

The UK Rules is a recognised and respected authority on everything to do with rules and regulations in the United Kingdom.

We have a team of researchers and writers who are experts in their own particular niche areas. So, who makes up The UK Rules team?

Key members of the editorial team have a strong background in governmental regulations. Others have training and certifications in medical matters and sporting activities.

Many of our writers base their helpful articles and factual content on 'personal' experiences. They possess a talent and extensive knowledge used to address every major consideration in their writing.

We believe the key to our prowess and acumen comes from in-depth research and editing before actually hitting the publish button.

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Step by Step Guides with Simple Explanations

In most cases, seeing photos and video is more helpful than a long list of rules and regulations. That's why many of our guides contain detailed step by step procedures. We use it to guide our readers along the way and through all the current data and facts.

Constant Updating

As you may expect, rules and regulations in the United Kingdom change on a regular basis. We constantly update each report to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.

Many websites paraphrase and summarize, often with a proliferation of useless content. The intention of the chief editor is to deliver an online manual full of useful facts and information.

Here's the important part:

We welcome any feedback on all the existing articles. The whole team also appreciate any suggestions you have for new articles or help guides.

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