What Makes Skin Changer Supreme Over CS2 Contracts

Read this skin changer review to learn how it works, its difference from CS2 contacts, and how to use it to turn your irrelevant skins into desired items.

CS2 Skin Changer Review: How It Works and Its Difference With CS Contracts 

Over time, we accumulate irrelevant CS2 items. They are too cheap to sell or trade, so they stay in our inventories useless forever. Skin changer is a solution to that problem. With its help, you may turn one or several items into the skins you want. Today, we’ll explain how. 

This page’s contents come from Farmskins CS2 inventory changer. Although it came out recently, it’s packed with features that make trading skins more convenient. We’ll review these features on this page. Still, we’ll mostly speak in general terms, so this guide applies to any skin changer.

What is a Skin Changer 

Skin changer is a tool for trading items with CS2 sites. It allows you to choose multiple items from your inventory and exchange them for one or several skins from the site’s pool. You can send a received skin to your Steam account.

Skin Changer vs. CS Contracts 

At first, it may seem like a skin changer is identical to CS2 contracts. In practice, there are several crucial differences between them. For example, a skin changer allows you to choose desired items, which is impossible in contracts.

More so, items skin changers give cost as much as those you change. A fair trade is M4A4 Tooth Fairy for AWP Atheris. In case your items are cheaper than the ones you want, you fill the gap with bonus currency or cash. 

Finally, skin changers are cheaper than contracts. For instance, Farmskins has a Daily Bonus, which allows you to open 3 cases for free. Their drops apply to the skin changer. 

How to Change Skins 

If skin changer appeals to you, we’re glad to inform you that changing skins is elementary. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Pick a site. It requires research, where the key point is skin changer. Once you know a CS2 site has it, ensure it’s reputable (good reviews), supportive (several responsive support channels), and easy to cash in or out (multiple payment tools besides skin dep/with);
  2. Sign In. Log into your Steam through the CS2 site and verify it via your email;
  3. Set up your account. Turn your Steam profile public and provide a site with your trade URL if required. You may do both through your Steam account;
  4. Change skins. Go into the site’s “Skin Changer” section (or whatever it’s called), input the skins you want to trade and select the skins you want. Use currency if your items are cheaper. When done, change skins.

After that, the changed skins will appear in your inventory. You can keep them for upgrades, selling, changing, etc., or send them to your Steam account. 

What to Consider Before Changing Skins 

Start with your goals. You’re probably interested in skin changers because you want to achieve something. For most, it’s simply obtaining new skins. 

If that’s your goal, we recommend you research your desired items and ensure a site’s pool has them (you can check that before upgrading). Don’t forget that your items must match the desired skins’ prices. 

The easiest-to-achieve goal is getting rid of irrelevant skins. You can just dump all your trash items into the skin changer and get a new, hopefully more interesting skin. What you can do is divide your skins. For instance, if you have a lot of irrelevant skins, it might be a good idea to divide them into several groups.

Lastly, you might seek profit. A skin changer is perfect for that, as it might give you exclusive skins that are unavailable on the Steam market. And if somebody has deposited AWP Dragon Lore in it, you can receive it.

If you want expensive skins, research their prices. It’s crucial to match them with your skins and cash so you can get the items you need.