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Ice Hockey Equipment List and Accessories

Those who are familiar with British ice hockey will know it's a rough contact sport. The inclusion of big sticks and ice skates increases the risk of injury.

ICE HOCKEY GEAR UK: Check out what equipment you need to play the game safely.

The game is fast and furious most of the time! There is only one way to keep English players safe on ice.

It does not matter what your playing position and role is. All competitors must wear proper and appropriate equipment while playing the sport.

The ice hockey kit players need does not have to be top of the line or expensive gear. You can make a start out in hockey by purchasing some second hand gear.

There is a selection of second hand ice hockey equipment UK stores around Britain. You can buy a range of ice hockey accessories including bags and personal kit. This ice hockey equipment list explains what you need as an outfield player or a goalie.

Specialised Ice Hockey Equipment Checklist

Ice Hockey Sticks UK

Manufacturers used wood to make ice hockey sticks in the early days. As a rule the best type of wood was ash, willow, and birch. But, with modern ice hockey sticks UK players usually choose graphite and carbon fiber composite materials.

These composite materials provide the players with extra flexibility and robust durability. But it is always best to have at least two hockey stick in case one breaks. How do you determine the correct ice hockey stick length?

Generally, the length of your hockey stick should reach from the ground up to your nose or longer. You should check the measurement while wearing your skates.

Ice Hockey Helmet

The helmet is one of the most important pieces of ice hockey equipment UK players should own. Ice hockey helmets also have a cage and mouth-guard attached for extra safety.

Face mask styles vary with different types of helmets. Some have tough plastic protection but most will have a wire cage. It is important that the helmet cage does not block your vision while you play.

Neck Guard

A solid neck guard will help to prevent the most serious of neck injuries. The puck travels at super high speeds and you can also get a nasty neck injury from a skate during a tumble.

Shoulder Pads

Ice hockey shoulder pads protect your shoulder blade, upper torso, and chest. A good quality shoulder pad will also shield your collar bones and much of the rib cage.

It should also combine stiff padding with a comfortable range of motion.

Elbow Pads

You must include elbow pads in any comprehensive ice hockey equipment list. Modern elbow pads have adjustable Velcro straps. They should cover a player’s elbow, triceps, and forearm. Most hockey equipment manufacturers offer different a range of junior and intermediate sizes.

Ice Hockey Gloves

Players wear ice hockey gloves to help safeguard their hands from stick injury. Hockey gloves have a padded outer section and thin palm section for better grip. But, the goalie equipment will include a different type of glove (not interchangeable).

Jock Strap and Jill Strap

Male and female players need to protect their sensitive areas. So any ice hockey equipment checklist should include a pelvic protector or athletic support. Choose between a Jock strap and a Jill strap to guard the pelvic bone and its attachments.


Most ice hockey pants are specially designed for cushioning and kidney protection. Hockey pants contain stiff inserts to protect your upper legs and thighs.

Shin Guard

Falls and tumbles are common in the game. Players protect their frontal leg bones and knee caps with shin guards. They are an essential item for your ice hockey equipment list.

How to Fit Ice Hockey Shin Guards

  1. Bend the knee to a 90 degree angle with the skate blade flat on the ground.
  2. Measure from the center of the knee cap to the top of the ice hockey boots.
  3. The measurement should match the length of the shin guard (in inches).

Ice Hockey Skates UK

Ice skates come in two different types. This equipment checklist does not represent boots worn in figure skating. Ice hockey skates have a smooth edge running from the front of the blade to the back of the boot.

Ice Hockey Goalie Equipment (skates)

Besides ankle support, there are extra features found on the skates of goaltenders. They sit closer to the ice for better balance and they provide a greater range of movement from side to side.

The IIHF is the world governing body for the sport. They oversee and govern the official rules and regulations. But, ice hockey rules UK may have some variances on required protective equipment and facilities.

Ice Hockey Equipment List: Gear and Accessories used by Players in the United Kingdom