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Rules of Underwater Hockey

The basic regulations to play underwater hockey (which is often called Octopush) intertwine the disciplines and fundamentals of ice hockey with the physical applications of swimming.


The non-contact sport of underwater hockey is a fast moving game which quickly develops your swim skills and builds your free diving capabilities because it is played on the bottom of a swimming pool.

Even though the sport originated from America, underwater hockey was in fact invented by the British Navy in the 1950s.

They developed a variant of field hockey rules which is played while submerged underwater as a way to keep their divers fit and improve their movement in sub-aquatic activities.

The modern and dynamic version creates a competitive challenge for its participants who are mostly in Asian and South American countries including Columbia, Brazil, China, Japan, India, and Australia.

Underwater Hockey Regulations iconUnderwater Hockey Regulations

Aim of the playing Underwater Hockey Game

Pool Size

Underwater Octopush Equipment

Underwater Hockey Players

Octopush Rules on Game Duration

General Underwater Hockey Regulations

Scoring in Underwater Hockey

Referees and Officials

Winning a Game of Underwater Hockey

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