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Australian Rules football has been kicking around 'down under' since 1841. As a rule, the professional league game gets played exclusively in Australia.

AUSSIE RULES UK: The Australian Football League (AFL) has its sporting origins based in the antipodes of the United Kingdom.

Down under, it is affectionately called a mixture of Aussie Rules footy, football, and Australian Rules.

The game of Australian Football League has a huge following of devoted fans and dedicated players.

In England, Australian Rules Football UK is also a feisty team sport played all over the country.

Spectatorship of Aussie Rules UK has grown steadily since the late 1980s. England has a growing number of local and regional Australian Rules football leagues. They get coordinated by the governing body AFL Rules in Britain.

Basic Laws of Playing Australian Rules FootballRules of Australian Football

Object of the playing Australian Rules Football UK

The aim in Aussie Rules UK games is to kick a football in-between a series of 4 goal posts. How many points you score depends on which posts the ball goes between.

Team mates pass the ball around to each other in a series of fashions. The winning team is the one with the highest number of points at the end of play.

Australian Rules Football Equipment

Australian Rules Football | Rules of AFL GameThe Ball:

Aussie Rules Pitch Size

Aussie Rules Football Pitch in Meters:

Aussie Rules Goal Posts:

Australian Rules Football Rules Players

Starting a Game of Aussie Rules UK

Aussie Rules football rules games start with ruck. The umpire hurls the ball into the air and one player from each team attempts to guide the ball to one of their team.

The same process gets used to restart the game after a team scores a goal. There are four 20 minute quarters in a game of Australian Football.

Aussie Rules for Scoring Goals

Kicking the ball between the goal posts without it getting touched by any other player scores 6 points. One point gets scored for booting the ball between one goal post and one of the rear posts (called point).

The attacking team also gets 1 point if a player carries (or forces) the ball over the scoring line. You score a goal when the ball enters the goalmouth and crosses the goal line.

General Aussie Rules Regulations

Simple Rules of Aussie Rules Football:

Australian Rules Football Referee, Umpires, and Line Judges

Winning a Game of Aussie Rules Football

In Aussie Rules Football the winning team is the one with the highest tally of points at the end of the game.

Advanced Australian Football Rules


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