Candle Fire Safety Tips

When is candle fire safety week in the United Kingdom? As the UK winter sets in the sales and usage of indoor candles escalates.

CANDLE SAFETY REGULATIONS UK: Candle Fire Safety Week takes place towards the end of November each year.

The main purpose is to remind the public about using wax candles safely.

Using lit candles at home can be a fire hazard. They should be used and handled carefully following these candle safe tips.

Wax candles can cause house fires and property damage if they are left burning unattended or placed too close to clothes or furnishings.

You can reduce the inherent risks that exist with using candles by following these safety guidelines.

Make a note of these dos and don’ts of candle fire safety tips if you plan to use them at home.

UK Candle Safety Rules and Tips


  • Place lit candles inside a purpose-made candle holder and put them on a heat-resistant surface.
  • Make sure they are held firmly upright by a stable holder so they will not fall over.
  • Take care with night lights and tea lights because they get hot enough to melt plastic (a television is not a fire-resistant object).
  • Keep them out of draughts and away from curtains, fabrics, and furniture.
  • Keep clothes and hair away from the naked flame.
  • Put it somewhere else if you could accidentally lean across or brush past it.
  • Extinguish candles before moving them.
  • Use a snuffer or a spoon to put them out.
  • Always double-check that they are completely out and not still smouldering.


  • Put them under shelves and make sure there is at least one meter between a candle and any surface above it.
  • Leave candles placed within the reach of children or areas that pets can get into.
  • Put two or more candles closer than 4 inches (10 cm) together.
  • Let anything hazardous fall into the hot wax (e.g. matchsticks).
  • Leave them burning and you should extinguish candles before you leave a room.
  • Blow them out because it can send sparks and hot wax flying around the room.
  • Go to sleep with a candle still burning and never leave a burning candle or oil burner in a child’s bedroom.

Reasons Candles Catch Fire

The principle reason that candles catch fire has to do with how they burn. Obviously the candle’s string wick is flammable but that is not the part which burns. As the wax is drawn up the wick tiny waxy particles catch fire, create a small ball of flame, and then disperse into the air.

Candle Safety Regulations with Tips for the United Kingdom