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Pruning Rules UK: How to Prune

When it comes to the pruning rules of thumb, it's time to focus on the '3 D's', that being dead, diseased, and damaged. Beginners can learn the basic rules of pruning flowering shrubs, bushes, and trees such as how to prune and when is the best time.

What are the Pruning Rules of Thumb?

The importance of cutting back trees and shrubs in the garden is a task that even novice gardeners should never overlook.

Good pruning begins with a thorough inspection by viewing the top of the tree and thoughtfully working your way back down to the ground.

So, why do we need to prune? In simple terms, trimming and thinning fast-growing foliage helps to define shape and control growth.

Note: Cutting away overgrown (or dead) branches and stems will improve air circulation around the plant and reduce the likelihood of infection.

Rules of Pruning

Apple Trees

Learn how to prune an old apple tree and use these five easy steps, alongside some scrumptious pictures, to keep them small and cure the common problems for apple growers.

This simple guide to pruning apple trees highlights the importance and simplicity of controlling rampant re-growth throughout your orchard while avoiding the habitual mistake of heavy-handed cutting.

Fruit Trees

Most gardeners will understand the importance of training fruit trees to grow in a manageable size and pruning a fruit garden of apples and pears to keep the trees small.

Read through our simple guide highlighting ten rules of how to train your home orchard. Check out which season is the best time to prune fruit trees and bushes.

Rose Plants

Beginners are asking ‘how and when to prune rose bushes‘? This section explains when, and how, to cut back roses in the United Kingdom.

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Note: The short video presented by ‘The English Garden’ magazine explains how to prune your roses in easy-to-follow steps.

How and When to Prune Plants and Trees in United Kingdom