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Applying for Court Transcripts

Anyone with the court's permission can apply for a transcript of court proceedings or a tribunal hearing. But, even though the records are kept on file for about five years, not all hearings are recorded.

The information in this help guide explains how to order a transcript of a hearing and what restrictions exist. Find out which application forms to use, the costs involved, and how to make a complaint.

Which Courts Keep Recorded Transcripts?

  • They will always record the hearings at Crown Court.
  • Hearings at civil and family courts are always recorded.
  • Some, but not all, tribunal hearings are recorded. You would need to contact the actual tribunal to confirm if there are transcripts available.
  • They never record the hearings at magistrates’ courts.

Note: The court may refuse to provide a section, or all, of a transcript (e.g. if they consider details of a hearing to be confidential material).

How to Order a Transcript

You must use Form EX107 to ask for a written record of what was said at a court hearing or a tribunal. Download Form EX107 and fill in the requested information. You should also read EX107GN (guidance notes).

The next step is to return the completed form by email or by postal methods to the same court or tribunal where the hearing occurred. The master section explains how to find contact details about courts and tribunals.

Note: The form offers several options for choosing how long it takes to apply for a transcript of a court or tribunal hearing. As a rule, it should take less than twelve (12) working days to arrive.

Court of Appeal Criminal Division or Administrative Court

If you are applying for transcripts of a judgment made on hearings at the Court of Appeal Criminal Division or the Administrative Court:

  • Download form EX107 and fill in the requested information.
  • Send it by email or by post to the transcriber (use the details in section 2d of ‘EX107GN’ guidance notes).

Note: Submit a completed form EX107 to the court when applying for a transcript of any other proceedings.

Hearings at the Court of Appeal Civil Division

As a rule, when applying for transcripts of hearings held at the Court of Appeal Civil Division, you can contact the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) to get a free transcript.

Cost of Getting Court Transcripts

In most cases, there will be a fee for getting a transcript of a court hearing. But, courts can waive fees for special circumstances (e.g. for someone with an urgent need for the transcript but unable to pay for it).

Several factors will determine the final cost of getting a court transcript, including:

  • The size (e.g. the total number of folios).
  • The service description (delivery time).
  • Whether you are ordering a new transcript or a copy.

Note: A folio consists of 72 words. The total cost of the transcript will be the number of folios multiplied by the price (average £1.50). Form EX107GN has further details.

How to Apply for a Free Transcript

You should contact the actual court to apply for a free transcript at the Crown Court and tribunal hearings. But, to apply for help with court transcript costs for civil and family court hearings, you should:

  • Download Form EX105 and fill in the requested information.
  • Send the completed form (along with form EX107) to the court or the tribunal.

How to Make a Complaint

In cases where you are unsatisfied with the transcript, or service you received, you should first contact the actual transcriber.

You can contact HM Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) if you believe they did not deal with the complaint in the proper manner.

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