The UK Rules
If You Come to Study

Tax on Foreign Income for Foreign Students

This section explains the taxation rules for foreign students who are studying in the UK. Check when you need to pay it and what happens if you start work in the United Kingdom.

IF YOU COME TO STUDY: As a rule, foreign students do not pay UK tax on foreign income or gains.

That is providing the money gets used for course fees or their living costs, such as:

Note: Check to see if the country where your income comes from has a 'double-taxation agreement' covering students.

HM Revenue and Customs can ask you to account for your living costs. They may do this if they go over £15,000 in a tax year (this excludes course fees). The tax year in the United Kingdom begins on the 6th of April and runs until the 5th of April in the following year.

When Foreign Students Start Paying UK Tax

You may need to pay UK tax on foreign income using the normal methods if:

Foreign Students Working in the UK

The double-taxation agreements determine whether you pay UK tax on your income. Thus, you may get taxed if you work in the United Kingdom while you are a student.

What if your home country does not have this type of agreement? In this case, you have to pay tax if you come to live in the UK and in the same way as others do who live here.


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Tax on Foreign Income for Foreign Students while Studying in the United Kingdom