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Employing People

Employing People to Work

Use this employers' guide to people management and check the main things you and your organisation need to consider when hiring staff in the workplace around the United Kingdom.

EMPLOYING WORKERS: Are you employing people for the first time?

Whether you are trying to hire them, or if you have hired employees many times before, there are several rules and regulations you need to follow to be legislation compliant in the UK.

The list of legal rights and responsibilities for employers may appear daunting at first.

But your obligations for looking after your staff will make you and your small business more efficient and more profitable, saving you time and money, by complying with the law.

Employing People Guide

Contracts of Employment GuideContracts of Employment

EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS: Although the agreement made between an employer and their employee is the basis of the employment relationship, it is not uncommon for contracts of employment to be a verbal understanding rather than a legal written document.

Dismissing Staff and Redundancies GuideDismissing Staff

DISMISSALS: Dismissing an employee should be the last resort. Employers should establish facts without unreasonable delay before making staff dismissals at work.

Employing Staff for the First Time GuideEmploying Staff

HIRING EMPLOYEES: If you are new to employing people, or taking on staff for the first time, this guide is your business savior. Follow these 7 simple steps of hiring when you start employing workers.

REASONABLE ADJUSTMENTS: Check out the guide that defines 'reasonable adjustments' in the workplace. It relates to recruiting and employing workers who have a disability or a health condition.

Health and Safety at Work GuideHealth and Safety

HSE UK: All employers must meet their legal responsibilities on Health and Safety at Work. This guide explains how Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 affects workers in the United Kingdom.

Payroll GuidePayroll

PAYROLL: PAYE for employers, getting started, reporting and paying HMRC, expenses and benefits.

Recruiting Workers GuideRecruitment

RECRUITING STAFF: Running an organisation often includes recruiting new people to join the company workforce. But, employers must follow all recruitment rules and regulations when sourcing new staff.

Redundancy GuideRedundancy

REDUNDANCIES: Being made redundant means your employer is dismissing you from your job. As a rule, staff redundancies occur when there is a need to reduce the company workforce.

Workers Rights GuideWorkers Rights

EMPLOYEE RIGHTS: Employment status defines workers' rights and responsibilities in the workplace. So, each status of employment will determine the actual employment rights of workers.

Employing People and Hiring or Firing Staff Law Guide