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How to Claim Help with Housing Costs

Use your online account to apply for housing payments if you are already getting Universal Credit. If you are not yet getting UC benefit you will need to apply for Universal Credit.

AFTER APPLYING: Some claimants will need to attend an interview at a local Jobcentre Plus. You may need to take some information or evidence with you, such as:

  • A current rent book, rent statement, or tenancy agreement.
  • A current bank statement, mortgage agreement, or mortgage statement showing the payments.
  • A signed letter from the landlord (stating you live there ‘legally’ and you pay rent).
  • The details of any service charges that you must pay.
  • The details of any loan agreements you have secured on your property.

Note: The department will inform you if you need to attend an appointment. It usually takes place within seven (7) days. They will also tell what documents you need to take with you.

Moving over from Housing Benefit

A Universal Credit claim must get approved if you have moved from Housing Benefit to UC housing element. The Housing Benefit payment will continue for two (2) weeks after the approval.

Some people will apply for Universal Credit because they moved to a Universal Credit area. In this case, they will pay the two extra weeks of Housing Benefit direct to you. So, you will need to make the rental payments to the new landlord.

After a Universal Credit claim gets approved, you can choose to have the housing payment paid straight to your landlord. They will notify your landlord if you choose this option.

There is no need to inform your local council authority that you are moving to Universal Credit (UC) from Housing Benefit.

Note: You can apply get an advance on your first payment if waiting will make it difficult for you to cover your living costs.


What is Universal Credit | UC replaces six benefits with one monthly payment for people who qualify.

Sign in to Your Universal Credit Account | Log in to see your recent payments and perform other tasks.

Payment Date after Making a Claim

The estimated payment date will show up in your online account within three (3) weeks of making a claim for Universal Credit housing payment.

Note: Your online journal also has a help guide where you can ask questions about your application.

Applying for Universal Credit Housing Payment Element