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V750 Certificate and V778 Retention

This guide explains how to renew a private number when it is not in use on a vehicle. As a rule, the right to use a private registration number needs renewing every 10 years.

Extra information explains how to renew or replace a V750 certificate of entitlement or V778 retention document (e.g. after it's been lost or stolen).


Renewing the right to keep a personalised number must take place before the retention certificate expires.

Some private number renewals are more frequent than others. Check the V750 or DVLA V778 document if you purchased a cherished registration before 2015.

There are several methods for transferring a registration or renewing it. It will depend on which certificate you have assigned to your vehicle.

As a rule, the appropriate procedures for showing that you can assign a personalised registration number is to receive either:

  • V750 certificate of entitlement: For new personalised registrations bought from DVLA (or)
  • V778 retention document: When the personalised registration is taken off a vehicle.

DVLA Renew V750 Certificate or V778 Retention

What happens if a private number is not assigned to a vehicle and the V750 certificate of entitlement is about to run out? In this case the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency will send a reminder letter or an email.

You can renew the certificate for up to ten (10) years and it is free to do so. That means the owner does not lose the right to assign it to a vehicle.

Renew V750 Online

You will need to create a DVLA personalised registration account online if you choose to renew a V750 certificate via the web.

If you do not have an existing account, creating an online account through the GOV.UK website means you will be able to:

  • Renew your certificate and manage your details.
  • Change the assigned nominee.
  • Add any private registration numbers that you may have bought before.

Note: The main section lists further topics about number plate legislation and process of transferring registration plates from car to car.

DVLA Retention Renewal by Post

You can replace a retention document using postal methods by filling in the correct sections on either the DVLA V750 form or the V778 form. Send in either the V750 or the V778 to the DVLA address written on the form.

Important: In some cases, you can still buy the right to use a private (personalised) registration number even if the V750 or V778 has expired.

How to Replace a Lost Retention Certificate

There is a specific process to replace a lost or stolen V750 certificate of entitlement or a lost retention document (V778). You would need to send a letter to DVLA Personalised Registrations to request a replacement.

The ‘grantee’ is the person who has the right to use a registration number. So, the name of the grantee will be on the V778 form or V750 form.

Only the grantee can send a letter and request a replacement for lost or stolen documents. Allow up to four (4) weeks to receive the replacement retention certificate (lost V750) or retention certificate (lost V778).

DVLA Personalised Registrations
SA99 1DS

Transfer Private Number to Someone Else

In some cases, you might choose to put your private registration number on someone else’s vehicle. The transfer can take place by post or online.

After you give a private registration retention to another person they can choose to take the number off the vehicle.

Transfer By Post

Complete section 2 of the V778 or V750 and mail it to DVLA. Remember to send the V5C logbook of the vehicle that will have the private number registered on it.

The relevant postal address is on the form. DVLA will send a replacement log book for the vehicle with the new personal number assigned to it.

Transfer Online

Follow these steps to assign your personal number online to someone else’s vehicle. Enter the details from that vehicle V5C logbook into the system.

Note: The DVLA will send a replacement log book for the vehicle with the new personal number assigned to it.

What Happens if the Nominee Dies?

The grantees of vehicle number plates on retention will be able to change the nominee (if they die). Send a letter of explanation along with the V750 or V778 to:

DVLA Personalised Registrations
SA99 1DS

Change Name and Address V750 or V778

Changing the name and address on a V750 or V778 is usually done by post. The digital system also allows the change of address for a V750 using a ‘DVLA personalised registration account’.

Change V750 Name and Address by Post

Return the V750 or the V778 with an accompanying letter that confirms the new name or address. Send both of the documents to DVLA Personalised Registrations address.

Note: Send a signed letter with some proof of your name or address if you do not have the originals.

Copy documents to prove your address can be a:

  • Bank or a building society statement sent to you within the last 13 weeks.
  • Current Council Tax bill or household utility bill (within the last 3 months).
  • Medical card.

The copies of documents to prove a name change must be sent by post and can be a:

  • Deed poll (e.g. change your name legally).
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Decree nisi or decree absolute (e.g. after a divorce).

Fixing Errors and Omissions

Return the certificate or retention to DVLA Personalised Registrations if there are any mistakes. Add a relevant support letter with an explanation identifying the errors. Common errors include name or address misspellings.

DVLA Personalised Registrations

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Replacing Lost or Stolen V750 or V778 Retention Document in United Kingdom