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Driving Licence Change of Address

There is no fee to change address on a full or a provisional driving licence in the UK. Check out the easy process for changing an address on a driver's licence online or by postal methods.

APPLY ONLINE: It is free to change your address with DVLA on either:

  • A provisional driving licence.
  • A full 10-year driving licence.

It may take a week or so to arrive but you can continue to drive while you wait for the new licence. You must apply by post if you want to change the name at the same time.

You must apply by post if you want to change the name at the same time.

There is also a Welsh language version (Cymraeg) explaining how to change address on a driving licence.

Note: Failing to inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if your address changes can result in a fine of £1,000.

Check you can meet these requirements before changing your driver’s licence address online:

  • You have a Government Gateway ID. You will get an ID during application if you do not already have an online account.
  • You are a resident of Great Britain and can provide addresses for the last 3 years. The process differs in Northern Ireland.
  • You have your original driving licence with the number written on it.
  • You did not get banned from driving.

You should give some information when you change the details on your driving licence. The process asks for your licence number, National Insurance number, and passport number.

Note: You must also change the registered address on the vehicle log book with the DVLA. The address change may also apply if you pay vehicle tax by Direct Debit.

Changing the Photo at the Same Time

You must renew your driving licence to change the photograph if the licence is valid for at least two (2) more years.

But, you can change the photo at the same time as changing the address if the licence is valid for less than 2 years. You have a choice of either:

  • Using the same photograph that shows in your passport.
  • Sending a recent passport-style photograph to the DVLA. The online service informs you how to send the photo.

The current drivers licence fee for address change is £14. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron, or Delta debit or credit card. The service is free for people over 70 or those with a medical short period licence.

You will get a confirmation email from DVLA once you have applied. They may ask you to take part in research by email. You can opt out of the survey if you choose.

In most cases, it only takes a week to receive the updated licence after changing the address online. But, you should contact the DVLA if you do not get it within three (3) weeks.

Moving Overseas

If you move abroad you cannot register the overseas address on a British driving licence. Instead, you will need contact the driving licence authority in the overseas country.

Change Driving Licence Address by Post

There are different ways to change the address on a driver’s licence by postal methods. It will depend on whether you are changing a plastic photocard licence or a paper licence.

New Plastic Photocard Driving Licence

You should have received a letter D741 if you have the photocard type. If so, fill in the section titled ‘Changes’ on the D741. Send it with your photocard driving licence to this DVLA address.

SA99 1BN

You can order a licence application form to update the address if you did not get a D741 letter. Use the form D1 for cars or motorcycles and form D2 for lorries and buses.

Changing the Photograph at the Same Time

To change the photo at the same time you need to use the D1 form. You will also need to send:

  • A recent colour passport-type photograph.
  • A cheque or postal order for £17 made payable to DVLA. The service is free for drivers over 70 and those with a short period licence.
Changing the Name at the Same Time

To change the name at the same time you need to use a D1 form. You must also send some licence identification documentation showing the new name.

Old Style Paper Driving Licence

If you want to change the photo on a paper licence at the same time you must send the following to DVLA:

  • Form D1 titled ‘Application for a driving licence’ for car and motorbike licences. Use form D2 titled ‘Application for a lorry/bus licence’ for lorry and bus licences.
  • Your paper driving licence.
  • Some original documents confirming your identity.
  • A passport-type photograph.

Note: The DVLA try to send new photocard driving licences within three (3) weeks. But, it can take longer if they need to check any medical details or personal information. Allow at least 3 weeks before contacting the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

How to Change Your Address on Driving Licence in United kingdom