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Cyclist Rules on Road Crossings

This information explains how cyclists and people riding bicycles should cross the road. It covers the UK Highway Code rules for cycle riders using road crossings.

RULES 79-82: Check through these cycle laws for crossing the road. They are part of the Highway Code for cyclists in the United Kingdom.

Zebra Crossing Rules for Cyclists

One of the most common types of pedestrian crossings in Britain is the zebra crossing.

You can recognise it by a row of dark and light stripes painted on the road surface. Thus, it resembles the ‘black and white stripes‘ of a zebra’s coat.

Note: We refer to the law and rule 195 of the Highway Code. Motorists must give way to pedestrians who are using a zebra crossing.

Rule 79: Cyclists should not ride a bike across any equestrian crossings. An equestrian crossing is for use by horse riders only.

The same rules apply to pelican crossings, puffin crossings, and zebra crossings. Cyclists should not cycle or ride across the road on these types of road markings.

Note: The correct procedure is to dismount your bike and then wheel it over the crossing.

Toucan Crossing Rules for Cyclists

The toucan crossing is another pedestrian crossing used in the United Kingdom. There is a simple explanation for the name ‘toucan‘. It allows pedestrians and cyclists to cross together and at the same time. Hence, ‘two can‘ cross the road together.

As a rule, toucan crossings are four (4) metres wide (13 feet). That is much wider than pelican crossings and puffin crossings. They measure 2.8 metres (9 feet) wide.

Rule 80: Toucan crossings are light-controlled facilities. They allow cyclists and pedestrians to share crossing space and cross the road at the same time.

Toucan crossing rules are push-button operated. Whether you are a pedestrian or a cyclist, you will see the green signal together.

Note: The UK Highway Code rules allow cyclists to ride a bike across a toucan crossing.

Cycle-only Crossings

Rule 81: As a rule, cycle only crossings contain cycle tracks on opposite sides of the road. Thus, they often get linked by signalled crossings for cyclists.

As a bicycle rider, you can cycle across a cycle-only crossing. But, you MUST NOT cross until the green cycle symbol is showing and prompting you to cross the road.

Level Crossings and Tramways

Rule 82: Cyclists maneuvering level crossings and tramway tracks should take extra care. The Highway Code rule 306 explains more details about tracks and level crossings.

Note: Cycle riders should dismount at level crossings. The point to get off the bicycle is where the sign displays the regulation for ‘cyclist dismount‘.

Cyclists Crossing the Road on Pedestrian Crossings: UK Highway Code Rules