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Business Cars Capital Allowances

Capital allowance is claimable on company cars bought and used by the business. As a rule, you can deduct part of the value of business cars from company profits before you pay any tax owed.

COMPANY CARS: You will need to use the writing down allowances when working out what you can claim.

Note: Business cars do not qualify for annual investment allowance (AIA).

Sole Traders and Partnerships

As a sole trader (or partner) it is often easier to can claim 'simplified expenses' for business mileage.

But, you can only use this simpler system if you did not already claim through another version.

Capital Allowances on Cars for Employees

As an employee you will not be able to claim capital allowances for work vehicles. This includes cars, bicycles, and motorbikes when used for work. But, you can claim for business mileage and fuel costs in certain circumstances.

What Counts as a Business Car

For the purpose of capital allowances and business cars, a car gets defined as a type of vehicle that is:

What Does Not Count as a Business Car

Some vehicles do not count as cars for capital allowances. But, you should be able to claim annual investment allowance (AIA) on:

Main and Special Rates for Business Cars

The vehicle CO2 emissions and the date you bought the car determine what rate you can claim. The main and special rates apply from the 1st of April for limited companies.

The date changes to the 6th of April for sole traders and partnerships. But, all businesses use the 'first year allowances' rate from the 1st of April.

Business Cars bought from April 2015

Company Cars bought April 2013 to April 2015

Company Cars bought April 2009 to April 2013

Note: If you bought cars before April 2009 you should move the balance to your main rate allowances pool. Use the 'special rate' if your car has no emissions figure. Use the main rate for cars registered before the 1st of March 2001.

Using Company Cars Outside of the Business

Sole traders or partners may also use their cars outside the business. You must work out the amount you can claim based on the amount of business use the car gets.

You can claim capital allowances on the full cost if the business provides a car for an employee or a director. But, you may need to report a car used 'personally' if it falls under the rules of expenses and benefits for employers.


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Capital Allowances on Company Cars in the United Kingdom