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Trading the Stock Markets

A growing community of stock market traders also enjoy the social aspects of trading stocks while trying to make money online. The information in this section is for individuals who are already trading the stock market and for those who want to start trading the simple way.

What is Social Trading? How to Get Started?

Social trading (also called ‘social copy trading’) is a form of investing in stocks and shares like no other.

It is a unique way for stock and forex investors to learn and copy the trading behavior of other expert traders.

So, what is the primary objective for most ‘novice’ copy traders? It is to engage in an activity that they know less about than their peers.

Despite having differing levels of success, copy trading (often termed ‘mirror trading’) means they can mimic the tried and tested investment strategies of professional traders.

And, because social trading requires its participants to have almost no knowledge about financial markets, many describe it as a ‘low-cost’ alternative to the way that traditional wealth managers operate.

This help guide offers free educational content with technical and fundamental analysis on individual stocks and shares. Another section explains how to work out Capital Gains Tax when you sell shares and other funds (e.g. investment clubs).

Beginners Guide to Trading Stocks

Bitcoin Guide

Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency out there and many traders start here. We are updating this section to meet the new guidelines.

Note: The index section contains more advice and information about business regulations and finance laws in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland.

Copy Trading

This article explains how to start Copy Trading (e.g. by opening an account and copying established eToro traders) and how it differs to Mirror Trading.


Cryptocurrency, or crypto for short, is a trendy buzz word among investors and speculators. This section explains the basic strategy and how to trade cryptocurrency for beginners.

Trading Socks ‘Professionally’

Start Trading Online

You read a book about stock trading, or searched ‘online trading for beginners’. Thus, the question most novices ask us is ‘how to start trading stocks online‘ in the United Kingdom?

Stock Trading as a Profession

The markets lure an increasing number of new traders into the industry – with varying degrees of success – so what does it take to become a professional trader?

Terminologies Used in Trading

Check out a list of the basic stock trading terminologies you need to trade that simplifies the meanings of the vocabulary and slang used by traders.

Disclaimer: All investments involve risks, including the possible loss of capital. The information in this section is for educational purposes only and it should not be considered as financial advice.

Stock Trading Rules and Regulations in the United Kingdom