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Hire and Train Employees for Growth

As a business grows, hiring and training staff usually becomes a necessary part of the growth. Strategies behind building a workforce include employing new people, training existing staff, and working with a mentor.

You may find the need for more capacity or work space as your enterprise expands.

Often, the existing workforce will need to develop a wider range of skills to meet consumer demand.

These business growth strategies may be necessary to continue producing or providing your product or service.

There are several easy ways to build a workforce. Some business owners will take on new staff. Whereas others will choose to train their existing workforce instead.

Employing New Workers

Taking on new people allows businesses to spread the workload. Beside expanding production, they can also take advantage of different skill sets and any new expertise.

It does not only apply to companies that already have employees. In many ways, it relates even more so if you set up as a self-employed sole trader.

Note: If this the case, you would need to check your responsibilities when employing staff for the first time.

Running Apprenticeships

Businesses gain several advantages by taking on an apprentice. It allows companies to grow to their capacity by investing in people who are keen to learn. The business benefits from the skills that apprentices develop as they train – on site and off the job.

Note: Check the responsibilities of employing an apprentice whether the post is for a new or current employee.

Training Existing Staff Members

Training up existing staff is another strategy used to improve range and level of skills in a business. What’s more, providing training opportunities for staff members often increases their loyalty to the company. In turn, that often increases their productivity rate and the company profits.

Bosses should never overlook the fact that good people make a great business. There are several schemes and organisations that can help to grow your business through specialised training, such as:

Working with a Mentor

There are several ways business mentors help develop innovations and ideas for growth. Their specialties include sharing wisdom, expertise, experience, contacts, and skills.

You can find free mentors with knowledge and experience that is relevant to your business – in your locale. For example, ‘mentorsme.co.uk’ claims to be the first online gateway for businesses who are looking for mentoring services in Britain.

Note: Use Business Wales website to get help with business mentoring if your enterprise is located in Wales.


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