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Strategies for Attracting New Customers

One of the ways to build a healthy client list is to attract new customers to your business and keep them. It may involve expanding outside your local area or outside the United Kingdom.

FINDING NEW CLIENTS: Most owners of small businesses realise that an active customer base is the core of any company.

You need a steady stream of new customers. It allows for business growth and a fulfillment of the company vision.

So, how can you find new customers for your products and services? One way is by increasing the awareness in your local area, by:

  • Advertising in the local media (e.g. newspapers, radio).
  • Asking clients to recommend your firm to their colleagues and friends.
  • Focusing on other forms of marketing (e.g. mailshots, online).

Another strategy is talking to potential customers who are not using your firm at the moment. Learn what it would take for them to switch over to buying from you instead of the competition.

How to Expand Outside the Local Area

There are other strategies for finding new customers. Consider selling your product or service through new sales channels. You may even have an opportunity to market your business elsewhere around the United Kingdom.

As a rule, expanding outside your local area would mean working with different organisations, including:

  • Retailers (including online retailers)
  • Sales agents and distributors
  • Wholesalers (even if you set up as a sole trader)

Note: Other strategies for attracting new clients include direct marketing techniques. Searching the government Contracts Finder may reveal business opportunities from their departments and agencies.

Expanding Outside the United Kingdom

Selling opportunities outside the United Kingdom might also exist for your small business. You could try exporting and doing business abroad to find new customers overseas.

The Department for International Trade help secure global prosperity for UK companies. They promote and they can finance international trade and investment. Check their resources for help selling your products and services to clients in other countries.

Be aware of your legal responsibilities regarding the sale of goods and services and data protection for UK.


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