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Search for Disqualified Company Directors

A search for disqualified directors would show if someone is banned from being a company director. If you find a disqualified director you can also report them if they are working illegally.

Companies House keeps a register of disqualified directors. Details stored from the Insolvency Service and the courts shows:

  • Their name, address, and date of birth (where available)
  • Their nationality
  • Their last registered address
  • The start and end date of the disqualification
  • The number of disqualifications they have
  • The reason for getting disqualified
  • The names of companies relevant to the disqualification
  • Whether the court permits them to continue acting as a director

Get Full Details of a Director Disqualification

England, Scotland, and Wales

You can get full details of why the director got disqualified – providing it happened in the past three (3) months. The Insolvency Service would give you online access to a summary of the results and outcomes.

Contact the Insolvency Service in Northern Ireland

Insolvency Service
Fermanagh House
Ormeau Avenue

Telephone:028 9054 8531
Text Relay:18001 028 9025 1441
Email: [email protected]

Note: Sending an email to ‘[email protected]’ is another way to get some details of disqualified directors.

Searching the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Register

Getting a debt relief order, a bankruptcy order (undischarged bankrupts), or other bankruptcy restrictions result in a ban from being the director of a company.

Note: If you search the bankruptcy and insolvency register it will show details of people who have been banned.

How to Report a Disqualified Director

There are several valid reasons to report a disqualified director to The Insolvency Service. Any director who gets disqualified should not be:

  • Working as a director of a company or a member of a limited liability partnership (LLP) (unless they have permission from the court).
  • Acting as an insolvency practitioner.
  • Breaching any other restrictions related to the effect of a disqualification order.
  • Involved in the formation, management, or promotion of a company (unless they have permission from the court).

You can also report a director for disqualification if they are subject to bankruptcy restrictions or they have been given:

  • A Debt Relief Order
  • A Bankruptcy Restrictions Order (BRO) or Undertaking (BRU)
  • A Debt Relief Restrictions Order (DRRO) or Undertaking (DRRU)

Note: The process differs if you want to complain about a limited company (e.g. for committing fraud, running scams, selling a faulty product or service).

How to Find or Report a Disqualified Director in United Kingdom