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Limited Company Signage and Stationery

The law requires a company to display a name sign and include specific details in business documents. Check the regulations on signs and stationery for limited companies.

COMPANY SIGNS: Business signage must show the full company name.

You must display a proper sign at the registered address of the company.

Extra signs will need displaying at any other locations where the business operates.

But, there is no requirement to display a company sign if you are running a business from a home address.

An Example: Running two shops and an office (not at home) means you need to display a sign at all three locations.

Note: Limited company signs must be legible (easy to read) and available for viewing at any time. You cannot display a company sign only when the business is open.

Stationery and Promotional Material

The registered name of the limited company must be included on all company documents. You must also display the company name on publicity and in business letters.

An extra requirement applies to business letters, order forms, and to websites. This type of promotional material must show:

  • The registered number of the company.
  • The registered office address of the business.
  • Where the company got registered (e.g. England and Wales, Northern Ireland, or Scotland).
  • Proof that it is a limited company. As a rule, including ‘Ltd‘ or ‘Limited‘ when you spell out the company will suffice.

In some cases, you may also choose to show the company share capital. That shows how much the shares were worth at the time you issued them. In this case, you need to state how much the shareholders own – also called ‘paid up‘ shares.

Note: What if you want to include names of the directors on the company signage and stationery? In this case you must list all the names of all directors.

Limited Company Invoices

Limited companies need to include the full company name on the invoices exactly as it appears on the certificate of incorporation. The document must ‘clearly’ display the word ‘invoice‘ and include:

  • A unique identification number.
  • The company name, address, and its contact information.
  • The company name of the customer and their address.
  • A proper description of what the charge is for.
  • The date that the goods or service got provided – also called the ‘supply date‘.
  • The date that the invoice got issued.
  • The amount or amounts getting charged.
  • The VAT amount (check when to charge VAT on invoices).
  • The total amount owed to the company.

Note: A different section explains the processes of invoicing and taking payment from customers after a sale.

Signs, Stationery, and Promotional Materials for Limited Company in the United Kingdom