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Register Your Private Limited Company UK

You can register a limited company online or by post once you have everything you need. Companies House will issue a 'certificate of incorporation' after setting up a new limited company.

Register a Private Limited Company Online

The company registration checklist explains what you need to complete the incorporation.

There are several ways of registering a limited company. But, to register a company online, it must:

  • Be limited by shares.
  • Be using ‘model articles’ (standard articles of association). You would need to register by post if you write your own articles.

You can pay the £12 fee by debit or credit card or through a PayPal account. As a rule, it takes less that 24 hours to get your company registered at Companies House.

Note: Choosing not to use the word ‘limited’ in the company name means you must complete the registration by post (see below).

Besides making an application for setting up a new company, you can also use the online service to:

  • Finish an application that you started on a previous occasion.
  • Register for Corporation Tax.
  • Register for PAYE and notify HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that you employ staff. This may also apply to yourself if you are the sole director.

Register a Private Limited Company by Post

You must use ‘Form IN01‘ to register a private or public company by postal methods. A postal application would take around ten (10) days to complete and the cost is £40. Make the cheque payable to ‘Companies House’.

There is a way to get registered on the same day for urgent applications. You would need to:

  • Make sure Companies House receive the application before 3pm.
  • Pay the £100 fee for using the ‘fast track’ service.

Note: Remember to mark the envelope (and any envelope from a courier) as ‘same day service’ in the top left corner.

Other Ways of Registering a Limited Company:

Note: You would need to register as an overseas company if it is based outside of the United Kingdom. You can get further advice on registering a company in the UK from the Department for International Trade (DIT).


Memorandum and Articles of Association | How memorandum of association and ‘model articles’ work.

Register for Corporation Tax | Most companies can register online for PAYE and for Corporation Tax.

After Registering Your Company

Companies House will send you a ‘certificate of incorporation’ after completing the company registration process. The certificate confirms the legal existence of the company. It also displays the company number and its date of formation.

Note: You must also set up a company for Corporation Tax within three (3) months of the date that you start doing business.

Registering a Private Limited Company in United Kingdom