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How to Send Property Details to VOA

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) might contact you about your business property. If requested, you will need to send your property lease, rental, or ownership details to the VOA.

THE VOA: HM Revenue and Customs sponsor the special executive agency called the Valuation Office Agency.

The department provides valuations and property advice for the government. The information supplied helps to support welfare benefits and taxation in the United Kingdom.

It is not uncommon for the VOA to ask for updated information on commercial properties. If so, you must send your lease, rent, or ownership details to the Valuation Office Agency.

Note: Submitting false information about your business property means you could get taken to court. There is also a Welsh language version of ‘anfonwch eich manylion rhent, prydles neu berchenogaeth at Asiantaeth y Swyddfa Brisio’.

Before you submit rent and lease details online you should prepare the following information:

  • The property lease or agreement. You may need to include any rent review or any rent free periods (or details about the tenant if you own the building).
  • The rent details along with facts on when the rent got fixed.
  • Details of any sub-lettings.
  • The name and contact details of your landlord if you are the tenant.
  • Details about any changes made to the property with information on the costs involved.

Extra Information and Help

  • The online version of the service takes around twenty (20) minutes to complete.
  • There is no requirement to complete the process in one go. You can save completed sections of the rental information and then return to finish it later on.

Note: If you need help using the online service you can contact the VOA team in your local area. Their details will be on the letter they sent to you.

Sending Property Details by Post to the VOA

The Valuation Office Agency has a list of ‘forms of return’ available from VO 6004 to VO 6065. So, you can use the rent and lease details forms if the VOA request this information from you.

Fill in the correct form and send your commercial property details by post to the VOA if the business is a:

  • Caravan site
  • Gas network
  • Hotel, holiday home, or guest house
  • Livestock market
  • Marina
  • Market place
  • Mineral dealer
  • Motorway service station
  • Petrol station
  • Pipeline
  • Pub, bar, or restaurant selling alcohol
  • Sports ground or animal race course
  • Stately home
  • Telecom network, mast, or station
  • Timeshare complex

How to Send Property Lease, Rental, or Ownership Details to the VOA in the United Kingdom