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Air Conditioning System Inspection

This guide explains how to get an air conditioning system inspected by an accredited energy assessor. You must have it inspected every 5 years to check that it is energy efficient.

How to Find an Accredited Energy Assessor

You must use an accredited energy assessor for the inspection of a commercial air conditioning system.

What Energy Inspection Includes

During commercial energy inspections the assessor will carry out:

  • A visual assessment of the air conditioning system.
  • An examination of the air conditioning equipment and the controls.

Note: The rules on business premises air conditioning inspections are strict. Failing to get your air conditioning inspected every 5 years will result in a fine of £300.

Energy Assessor Report

The regulations for air conditioning systems in business premises differ to domestic units. An accredited energy assessor will provide you with a report on completion of the energy inspection. The written report will show:

  • An energy efficiency rating for the equipment on the date of the inspection.
  • Any faults identified with some suggested actions to cure them.
  • Practical suggestions that can improve the efficiency of the equipment.
  • How to reduce the dependency on the use of air conditioning systems in business premises.

The law does not require you to follow the recommendations offered by the energy assessor. But, following the suggestions is likely to save you some money on your energy bills.

Note: As a rule, there will be a charge for the air conditioning inspection. The fee will vary depending on the choice of energy assessor.

Issues with Accreditation Schemes

One purpose of the accreditation scheme is to ensure the quality of the work carried out by the energy assessor.

There are set procedures to follow if you have any issues with the current inspection. Thus, you should contact the accreditation scheme of the energy assessor. The report will show the contact details.

Commercial Air Conditioning Inspections for Business Premises in the United Kingdom