The UK Rules
Amending a Registered Trade Mark

Updating or Surrendering Registered Trade Marks

Keeping registrations accurate and current are some of the key responsibilities for owners of UK registered trade marks. You must keep your registration maintained and up to date with the IPO.

Updating registered trade marks means changing the official details kept in the trade mark register. Check which forms to use, how to correct mistakes, and how to surrender your rights to a trade mark.

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) will need to know about any changes to the details they hold in the TM register.

There are several common reasons why you may need to update or correct your information. Under the rules of trade marks you would need to notify the Intellectual Property Office if:

Note: There is no fee to update the register when you use the correct IPO forms to carry out the notifications.

Updating Your Personal Details

You should use Form TM21A to record a change of name, address, or email address of the trade mark owner.

Correcting a Mistake on the Register

Use Form TM26R to make an application to rectify the register for registered trade marks. You should ONLY use this form to:

Appointing or Changing an Agent

The correct document for appointing or changing a representative for a trade mark owner is Form TM33. Use this form to appoint or to change an agent or a representative to manage your registered trade marks.

Note: You must use Form TM33P to appoint or change a representative for opponents or cancellation applicants.

Surrendering Your Rights to a Trade Mark

Note: Notify the IPO in writing if you want to withdraw a trade mark application that is not yet registered.

Sending Completed Forms to the IPO

Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
Concept House
Cardiff Road
South Wales
NP10 8QQ
United Kingdom

Note: The Intellectual Property Office will notify you by post once they have updated the trade marks register.

Other Amendments to Trade Marks

You need to specify a class or classes of goods and services when you apply to register a trade mark in the United Kingdom.

In some case, you can request limited amendments to the application while it is still pending. You might also be able to add new goods and services to the scope of your registration.

But, you cannot expand the scope of protection after registering your mark (e.g. change the logo). As a rule, you would need to file a new registration to protect an existing trade mark under a different classification.

Update or Surrender Your Registered Trade Mark in United Kingdom