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Changing or Updating Your Patent in UK

There are several reasons to change or update your patent after filing the application. For example, to keep your details in the patent register up to date, to make a change of ownership, or to change your patent.

Details recorded at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) must be accurate and up to date. You must change your details in the patents register if they are wrong or need amending.

Changing Your Patent after it’s Granted

There is a specific way to change a patent after the Intellectual Property Office grants it. You would need to create electronic versions of:

  • An explanation of the reasons for the change
  • The patent documents (highlighting the changes)
  • Any relevant supporting documents

Send the documents by email to ‘[email protected]’ and insert ‘Proposal to amend under section 27’ in the subject line.

The IPO would publish changes in the patents journal and notify you if anyone objects to the proposed changes. You can also search the patents journal yourself.

As a rule, it takes around four (4) weeks to get a patent change approved (providing no one lodges objections).

Note: There is a different process for amending your patent after grant to overcome any objections. In this case, you would need to file amendments under section 75 of the Patents Act 1977.

How to Correct Patent Documents

If you make a genuine mistake to your patent documents you would be able to correct them. You should write to the IPO (address below) and include written details on:

  • The reason you need to make the change.
  • Any relevant documents that the change will affect.
  • What the mistakes are and how they occurred.

Changing Your Personal Details

You need to use Form 20 to request a correction or change to a name or address. Fill in the form and then send it to the IPO address if you want to change:

  • Names and addresses
  • Your personal details

Note: The Intellectual Property Office do not charge fees for changing your personal details or for appointing a representative.

How to Appoint a Patent Representative

You need to use Form 51 to register an appointment or to change an agent. Fill in the form and send to the IPO address if you want to:

  • Appoint another person to deal with your patent on your behalf.
  • Change your representative (or change the registered details of your representative).
  • Change the registered contact address for a patent in United Kingdom.

Changing the Ownership of a Patent

Use form 21 if you want to apply to register a change of ownership or to give notice of rights acquired in a patent (or an application for a patent).

So for example, if you sell your patent you would need to fill in the form and send it to the IPO with the payment (around £50).

Where to Send the Forms

Use a standard fee sheet for payments and send your patent change requests to:

Intellectual Property Office
Image of IP Office Cardiff: How to Change or Update Your Patent in United Kingdom
Concept House
Cardiff Road
South Wales
NP10 8QQ
United Kingdom

Note: You can send forms by fax to 01633 817 777.

Getting the Patent Register Updated

In most cases, the IPO will update the patents register with any straightforward changes or updates after grants.

Once they have determined there are no objections (where relevant) they will send out confirmation to the:

  • Applicant [you]
  • New owner (where applicable)
  • Previous representatives (if that’s what changed)

Note: some cases, the IPO may refuse to make a change or a correction. They may also ask for extra evidence.

How to Change or Update Your Patent in United Kingdom