How to Renew Your Registered Design

As a rule, the IPO write to owners of registered designs three months before expiry dates. Even so, you can send in an application to renew your registered design up to six (6) months before the renewal date.

This guide explains how to renew a registered design on the United Kingdom Designs Register. Extra information covers the process to restore a design after expiration, and how to update or cancel your designs.

The first renewal date for all design registrations is the fifth anniversary.

Designs then need to be renewed every five (5) years following the first anniversary (up to a maximum of 25 years).

There will be application fees to pay to retain the protection by renewing your design registration.

You can renew any time up to six (6) months before the renewal date.

But, failing to renew within one (1) month after the renewal date means you would also need to pay extra fees for late renewal.

Note: If you make a ‘late renewal’ it should take place within six months after the renewal date. You would need to pay an additional set amount for each complete month that passed (details below).

Renewal of Design Registration

You should use Form DF9A to renew a design registration. Fill in the design registration renewal form and send it to the IPO address along with a standard fee sheet (FS2). Remember to add any late renewal fees to the amount.

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) will send out confirmation of your renewal once they receive the application form and the correct payment.

How to Restore a Registered Design

There is a different process to follow if you missed the six month deadline for late renewal. If it happens, the IPO would usually give you a further six (6) months to restore the design.

Instead, use Form DF29 to make a request to restore a registration. Fill in the application form and send it to the IPO address, with:

  • A written explanation informing the IPO why you failed to renew on time.
  • A standard fee sheet (FS2) confirming your payment for design restoration (details below).

Note: The IPO will send you a decision letter through the post. But, they will not return the payment if they turn down your application to restore a design.

If the IPO agree that your explanation is valid you will then be able to renew the design in the normal way. After payment, you would receive confirmation and the design would get published in the designs journal.

You would get a further two (2) months to make an appeal if the IPO rejects your application. Their letter would explain how to follow the appeals process to follow.

Application Fees

  • 1st renewal fee is £70
  • 2nd renewal fee is £90
  • 3rd renewal fee is £110
  • 4th renewal fee is £140

Note: There is an additional fee of £24 per month for late renewal and the fee to restore a design is £120

Updating or Canceling a Registered Design

You would need to notify the Intellectual Property Office if any of the details they hold in the register of designs need updating. Thus, you should:

  • Use Form DF16A to change a proprietor’s name or address for a UK design registration or application.
  • Use Form DF1A for the appointment or change of agent or contact address.
  • Use Form DF19C to give notice by proprietor to cancel a registration.
  • Write to the IPO with the details of anything that needs correcting (e.g. small errors on the register).

The Intellectual Property Office will inform you if they need any further information. They would then update the register and send confirmation to you by post.

Sending Forms and Payments (by cheque) to IPO

Intellectual Property Office
Concept House
Cardiff Road
South Wales
NP10 8QQ

Note: Updating the register of designs is free of charge. But, you should not cancel a design if it may affect any third parties (e.g. if you licensed the design to someone else).

Procedure for Renewing Your Registered Design in United Kingdom