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Babies Dying for New Organ Donor Rules

The UK's infantile baby organ donor laws are creating a shortage of baby donors in this country. A top hospital in England announced the sad fact.

BABY DONOR UK: The news came from a senior pediatric consultant at the Newcastle Children’s Heart Unit.

He expressed his dismay and frustration at the current ‘adolescent’ baby organ donor law.

The regulations in the United Kingdom means babies are dying.

There is a lack of tiny organs available for toddlers and infants.

There is an increasing need for donor transplants each year. The need is being hampered by the present laws relating to baby organ transplants.

UK Baby Organ Donor Laws

The UK does not allow babies less than two months old to become organ donors. Currently, newborns under the age of 2 months cannot get classed or diagnosed as being brain dead.

This prevents the removal of an organ for a lifesaving transplant. Thus, another baby recipient cannot benefit from the death.

Baby Organ Donor Rules Creating a Shortage of Transplants in the United Kingdom There is even further anguish. Organs can get imported and used in most European countries. This is due to their differences in baby donor regulations.

The laws in many other European Countries, the US, and Australia allow baby organ donors.

It is legal to import newborn organ parts from abroad.

But, the UK rules out the option to use organs donated by babies less than two months old in this country.

There is an e-petition set up by the UK Department of Health. You can access it at the Department of Health Website. Go ahead if you wish to sign it to try and change the law relating to organ donor by babies under age 2 months.


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Baby Organ Donor Rules Creating a Shortage of Transplants in the United Kingdom