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Wimbledon Rules: Tennis FAQ and Fun Facts

These top frequently asked questions cover the hot topics and rules for the Wimbledon Tennis Championship.

FACTS ABOUT WIMBLEDON TENNIS: 10 Wimbledon fun facts and anecdotes.

Find interesting questions and answers on a major tennis championship played in London.

Wimbledon takes place at the end of June in the height of British Summer Time. But it is often remembered for the rain - lots of rain.

Yes it's that jubilant time of year when ardent tennis fans gather in London for two weeks of chatter about cross-court volleys.

Not to mention the Grand Slam, Cliff Richard, strawberries and cream, and the rain. Did we mention the rain?

1. When Did Wimbledon First Start?

The tournament first began in 1877 hosted by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. It is the only major played on grass courts.

In fact, most followers regard the Wimbledon Tennis Championship as the oldest tennis tournament. The majority of fans would also say the most famous too.

2. Where is Wimbledon Tennis Played?

The premier professional tennis tournament takes place at the All England Club in Church Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5AE.

3. What are Wimbledon Clothing Rules?

Player dress code in the Wimbledon Championship is strict and unique.

There is some clear leniency with style and design. But, all tennis clothing must adhere to the Grand Slam rules.

Wimbledon facts for dress code apply most to sweaters and tracksuits. Players must follow Wimbledon clothing rules during all court matches and practice sessions.

4. When is Wimbledon Day of Rest?

Wimbledon Tennis Championship Rules and Fun FactsWimbledon tennis rules designate the middle Sunday of the Wimbledon two week schedule as a day of rest.

It provides match players with an opportunity to recuperate on the day of rest.

No games take place on the Sunday at the end of the first week, except for unusual or extreme circumstances.

The most notable interruption to the day of rest is the British weather. If rain delays early round games - and it often does - matches sometimes get played on the middle Sunday.

5. How Many Tennis Balls are used at Wimbledon?

Each year, Slazenger (the British sporting goods manufacturer) supplies well over 50,000 tennis balls for the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. They estimate that players use 30% during the qualifying matches and in practice sessions.

In fact, in preparation of the games, every single tennis ball is hand tested individually. Each ball must meet the equipment rules and regulations of tennis for compression, weight, and most importantly, bounce.

6. How Many Tennis Courts are at Wimbledon?

There are a total of 19 grass courts, including the Centre Court and the No.1 Court. Wimbledon facts can also boast eight American Clay courts and five indoor courts. These consist of three Greenset Trophy and two Greenset Velvelux.

7. What is the 'No Fifth Set Tiebreaker' Rule?

Wimbledon tie break rules continue to adhere to a 'no fifth set tiebreaker rules' regulation.

These tennis tiebreaker rules are usually used in all major tournaments except the U.S. Open. It allows players to stay on serve instead of heading to a tiebreaker at 6-6 at the end of the fifth set decider.

Fun Fact: What was the longest tennis match at Wimbledon?

The epic, and longest tennis match in history was a first round match during Wimbledon 2010. It took place between American John Isner and French player Nicholas Mahut. It finally ended at a score of 70-68 in the fifth set.

8. How Much is Strawberries and Cream at Wimbledon?

English tennis fans, who are also lovers of strawberries and fresh cream, will be hoping for a special price serving this year at Wimbledon. That's because punnets are not cheap.

Wimbledon Facts: You should expect to pay around £3.00 for a punnet of strawberries with fresh cream.

Talking of interesting and fun facts about Wimbledon tennis! On each day of the two week gathering, around 8,500 punnets of strawberries get eaten. That is a staggering 100,000+ servings and a revenue of £350,000+ in sales!

9. Who has Won the Most Wimbledon Men's Titles?

It seems that Pete Sampras and Roger Federer share the lead for the most Wimbledon men's titles. As it stands, they have seven victories each.

10. What Time is the Men's Wimbledon Final?

As a rule, the gates and grounds open up at 10.30am and usually close at 11pm. Play on No. 1 Court usually starts at 1pm for all 13 days.

That means you have a few hours to get up to speed with some tennis terminology used in the game. The start times for the first 11 days is 1pm on the Centre Court and starting at 2pm for the Finals' Weekend.

11. Why is Wimbledon not called the British Open?

As a rule, a tournament named 'Open' is for Association of Tennis Professionals events. Wimbledon is not an official ATP event. As these facts about Wimbledon already show, it existed long before the founding of the ATP organisation.

Wimbledon Rules and Regulations: FAQ and Fun Facts about Wimbledon Tennis