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UK Softball Rules for Beginners

The basic rules of softball have many similarities to baseball. But, there are a few significant differences for the 'softer' recreational game.

ISF SOFTBALL RULES: The three most noticeable differences between softball regulations and baseball are the smaller field size, larger strike zone, and a ball pitched underhand in slow pitch recreation games.

Softball Rules and Regulations were first created as a game for ladies called indoor baseball in Chicago around 1887.

Other common names for the modern day sport include kitten ball, mush ball, and playground.

The playful and amusement sport is widely popular throughout North America but there are professional leagues played in the United Kingdom, Europe, and in Asia.

Basic Rules of Playing Softball GameRules of Softball UK

Aim of the Playing Softball Game

Softball Pitch Playing Field

Softball Rules for Equipment

Softball Players

General Regulations for Softball

Scoring in Softball

Softball Umpires and Officials

Winning a Game of Softball

Advanced Softball Rules UK


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ISF UK Softball Rules and Regulations for Beginners